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This dog looks cracked but I do like pugs bit to small for me though

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78 points

“I claim this as mine!” said Doggo

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Best seat in the house

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The 4 stages of waking up early

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63 points

I should have called shotgun.

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Why am I like this

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50 points

He was sleeping but when I took this picture he woke up scared of his own fart. the owner and I shared a laugh though!

Preview 838c78a6 0ece 40d0 ac35 89e9c4bae8fa
102 points

Party hard

Preview a7c89b06 5b83 47ba 9123 b7c17b03a573
85 points

When your girlfriend chooses a movie

Preview a5818b17 964b 4541 95f1 7f0e4cea2376
56 points

I caught Tucker at the perfect moment

Preview b9097651 a860 4cb8 9d4e 7c79c4bb11dd

This is really sad

Preview af95b015 7338 4611 8864 5d5cebfef3bb
75 points

This doggo is me

Preview bfe59cfc 8dd4 4b4e 8732 2ed6ee12aa71
83 points

Pupper haz a buggo frend

Preview 951626ad adbf 42fb 89a3 af7df280f6e6
20 points

Judge them. judge them all

Preview cc3b23ff 863d 45d3 bee2 598d542fa0f0
20 points

Oh ohhh!

Preview bbd604ba b91a 4e61 9506 1df30884dd62
80 points

Good boy

Preview f1e04def e9f4 4157 b2dc 872e3e866b77

You’re my biggest and bestest sister

Preview 2ad1707c dd82 4ccf a133 d6ec30abd6f3

Undercover corgi

Preview e3dd72a3 009e 4cdb 8b6c 0b0dd1f975a8
47 points

Nice job girl.

Preview f42fb969 0019 4594 ae7a 9f832c771efb
99 points

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