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The Corgi seed is strong

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23 points

Its a heckin tripod squad!

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78 points

My best friend’s dog got into a chalk bucket and came out looking like David Bowie.

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86 points

Icecream thief regrets nothing...

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18 points

Something cute to make your day better

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19 points

When your human asks who is a good boye? but you already know its you.

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16 points

Undercover Corgi.

Preview c0357844 dd8e 459a 99ae 978f1e156170
59 points

Undercover corgi

Preview 5f5b0e60 11cc 43cd 9ad8 b63cf3d68aeb
20 points

What discipline. They are all sitting and behaving and facing the camera.

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Corgi mixes are kind of just disguised Corgis

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This long boy turned 1 this week

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Rate my sploot

Preview a2278421 dafb 440a b168 8e3920fe730a
18 points

This is a rare double doggo. upvote for 7 years of good luck

Preview 1a97d4eb 2baf 4c21 9d0a 482090f03d12
15 points

Town is that way

Preview c8708b05 3015 42a7 9b2f 234f7992f126
17 points

What you think about those Husky-Labrador Mix

Preview 3512351c 0abd 45d5 9fa9 834984a90a27
13 points

Get it the fck away from me

Preview 725656ff 8ea7 4c15 8608 2ec73fee0d78
3 points

Clever boy

Preview cc9d5d2b ca6e 4681 8155 50215c5ee116
86 points

How did we get so lucky to have these animals as pets?

Preview 4e9345db 6154 4054 8c36 7bf6c4309229
11 points

Squishy Squashy

Preview 392ad313 662e 4f1a 9d8c a4a4fe30d770
15 points

Your daily visit by doggo!

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