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Mind yo business

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11 points

Anchors do not "refuse to sink", try this instead.

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112 points

This metal rod pierced my car's cabin randomly on the highway and left a massive hole

Preview e3cadee6 fef4 4e87 be7a fda153c095bc
92 points

"Here is a drawing. It was drawn with pen on a piece of paper by a person and it is here now. End of description."

Preview edd79122 d32c 464c 92b9 ac369fd29744
89 points

Accidental Acupuncture

Preview e861ead6 40e5 427f 97fd 7cd950e62ba9
82 points

My friend just sent me this.

Preview 6aa58111 1e71 4320 a721 2c9b23e1d159
85 points

The original fidget spinner

Preview 386e73c6 b603 4817 b7f0 f194c1f12fd1
86 points

This crazy letter we got today at the shop I work at

Preview bbc62f7c ef5a 4981 beff ee8e23ed6250
69 points

This crazy letter we got today at the shop I work at

Preview cc41489c 8e8d 4bc1 bcbe a4d916b91616
57 points

That makes sense now

Preview 844ac7d1 3786 42a2 ab11 c0d62b303004
123 points

"Those kids are jerks!" - The Sheep

Preview c9c84886 e973 4e52 87c0 65da69dd0ac2

My manager received this in the mail today

Preview 2374f03b 8446 44e9 9081 d479a2d38656
98 points

Dog Uber

Preview 3a24f5ea ea85 47d4 ac6e 18c9d0d2c250

Men in Black


Six Cows Killed by a Single Lightning Strike

Preview bf4d6d97 509c 439c a9cf cd8257e5d3b5
97 points

The education continues. Lesson 479 - Never leave a cup of tea unattended

Preview f36a5a06 f9c7 45ff a42e 2337760ccfbd

There really wasn't much to color here

Preview fcaf0cfd d493 4c59 8b2a 7c65bf1a7287
72 points

I printed out yoga poses to try. My cat did not approve.

Preview 2148b6f0 6560 4799 96fe 803572af56df

My college's anti-cheating pens are perfect for cheating.

Preview e2454e78 11dd 4715 aec0 b552292663ee
116 points

Camera in a furniture screw

Preview e506d240 2c7e 4296 8150 cda8d6e3cd78
23 points

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