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Six Cows Killed by a Single Lightning Strike

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80 points

The education continues. Lesson 479 - Never leave a cup of tea unattended

Preview f36a5a06 f9c7 45ff a42e 2337760ccfbd

There really wasn't much to color here

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69 points

I printed out yoga poses to try. My cat did not approve.

Preview 2148b6f0 6560 4799 96fe 803572af56df

My college's anti-cheating pens are perfect for cheating.

Preview e2454e78 11dd 4715 aec0 b552292663ee
114 points

Camera in a furniture screw

Preview e506d240 2c7e 4296 8150 cda8d6e3cd78
19 points

Introducing the Sheepig

Preview eace1eb2 d184 4419 b313 bc4d69fde7dc
60 points

First paycheck from Youtube, goodbye poverty

Preview c2bb6e1b fe7a 4ea1 8331 24e5fada5f96
144 points

Spacious living room by the lake, located in Avaré, Brazil

Preview dcea76e1 c5de 41e4 a755 d08ff8514a27
59 points

It hurts every time

Preview 165cac52 1777 449a a487 95541b6457e1
66 points

When your cat plays with the box his cat tree came in more than his cat tree. 😾

Preview a87075f5 3ce8 4b74 a5ea 595900b2fd7a

The tenant mentioned a "minor fly problem".

Preview 585fe7e7 625c 4563 8713 5534810f860e
94 points

New tower I made for our cat Sauron

Preview 80ddd805 9aeb 41b9 a6bb dd53f03e63c8
24 points

I will forever cherish it

Preview 7ac1befa 946e 4207 a57e e2d64d2a3139
17 points

Knowledge is power. I don't know what power this gives you, but the more you know

Preview ed8bc525 7576 466b ba59 17fb4dff9a7d
103 points

Happy birthday

Preview fb176c8d 0f92 48bd 897a 00f3b13a9221
22 points

Just drilling some wood on the lathe


Not sure which is funnier.. If the person designing it was in on the joke or if it was by accident.

Preview d9fcc923 2927 42bc a2d0 243cc1d9baf0
129 points

Hidden Camera PPAP PRANK - See what happens when you leave a three year old on front of YouTube

579 points

Trust me

Preview 0dff0e84 c7b7 41ea a274 64693e8d5c86
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