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Thats what i did LOL

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For every upvote, I will gave someone their data back.

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5 points

When you have a hot date at 9 but you also have a Dungeons and Dragons meetup at 10.

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24 points


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23 points

Zuckerberg's totally shitting a brick right now.

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101 points

Ctrl C, Ctrl V

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107 points

Pickpocket: 100

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118 points

4th grade yearbook pic.

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70 points

When you have a business meeting at 8 but you have to take on the avengers at 9

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89 points

The Mountain at OKC capital supporting teachers... they’ve been warned

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103 points

This image is way funnier considering that this is Egypt and this snow was the first snow they got in 112 years

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92 points

Wait..... Hol up

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68 points

Baby refuses to be cooked as a part of religious feast

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81 points

I shaved my ARMS for THIS!?

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81 points

When someone tries to flirt with me

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94 points


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74 points

No homo

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79 points

The long arm of the law

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65 points

Mein Hero

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71 points

Collectively the highest photo ever taken.

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