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Damnit Russia

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147 points

Oreo Toothpaste Prank!

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128 points

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

Preview f4e9eb9e 3909 4fc7 aed3 6e9f30ce7cc4
142 points

How the daddy long-legs got its name

Preview ad32edf0 2974 4cd9 bbcb ae97d11320e6
204 points

Chris Pratt surprises theater full of kids, but green shirt kid is not amused.

Preview 44dc4c05 7307 4cb3 90c2 0ae072e33193
148 points

Let’s just see how this plays out....

Preview 2b4b7be0 da2f 43df 89c5 e5e135816414
203 points

We’ve got a 2319!

Preview abb5049d f42c 4a38 b4d0 9b64f6ca0ebe
134 points

It's an endless cycle

Preview 24798313 cbd5 4e63 8c66 874ae18c5640
253 points

Escaping the Wave

Preview 8243106e 0398 4814 9666 8554f41cf387
132 points

Nice handshake

Preview 9c9fcc2e 40d0 45b9 bb6b 7bfc35fa6f07
147 points


Preview f2b27dcd 04f4 4376 94de e9caa9c406fd
147 points

Another perspective

Preview b0e0e3f5 e509 419a 91a0 6ea71220549f
120 points

Since many of you wanted Gyllenhaal

Preview 4a964124 a4e0 4001 b2c0 15f8f3029f6a
114 points

Honoring a Hero....PSA because no one at the party got the joke.

Preview 0f55993f af19 4758 81e3 2294b781fe71
145 points


Preview e3e832e0 f0dc 491e 9222 ef1ba55db0c4
107 points

What would you do if you were the last person on Earth?

Preview fcb633bd dd17 4c87 adf1 224f01271c41
120 points

College graduate with an awesome attitude

Preview 6c49dc36 f648 461c 9c65 25a7bf5f8023
137 points

Meanwhile, at the BBQ in Oakland

Preview 5e0f052c 93c9 4af9 bc48 e91937063280
135 points

Logic 99

Preview 24be2231 7672 43ee be24 638512a507eb
96 points

Ah ok, reincarnated again in this shit

Preview 16a41eb1 fb69 4526 8441 56fbb5a4668a
95 points

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