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Hal is the greatest of all the on screen dads

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15 points

Ruthless Geoffrey

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15 points


Preview 1a521057 c291 4f71 8491 00babee55f45
103 points

Haunts me at night that this is the new owner of the playboy mansion

Preview edf06d51 9fe8 45a6 ab2c 4607a31f3efa
223 points

From the bottom of my heart...

Preview b3238c62 ebf7 4383 a1aa c0755b96be4e
138 points

Accurate description

Preview 34b342b7 40fc 49a8 b317 0fa10f4ccfad
239 points

Meth ruins lives

Preview 38fece0a 1cec 4b06 a76f a724fb22b4b2
172 points

This guy is just as goofy in person

Preview 7acb765e da23 4112 bd4b bd8e4768fbb3
146 points

Mind blown.

Preview 6987e19c e475 4989 9c6c 1c3c22c2a9e2
144 points

Meirl :)

Preview a9261807 dd13 41b8 b16c 07f7ac1e00f2
241 points

Savage Dr Phil

Preview cee6a30b d70b 43b2 9436 babb72bb4396
180 points

Happy Fathers Day

Preview 3cadb9a4 2b02 42cb a1e7 634beb43ffa5
181 points

That’s one way to do it I guess...

Preview 51858a17 dd92 4a82 afeb cf9a4c574934
182 points

Job is vacation

Preview 27fb3d0f b98f 4124 89f1 12f125a6b171
176 points

Stranger things kids seem to handle the hosts well..

Preview 6e819033 c24c 4a4e bbc4 6a1cc286d25e
186 points

When you upvote a post from 666 to 667

Preview 33ff9206 2276 416f a972 c4e4be37250f
177 points

I understand, Seth

Preview d7f6f11d 5ee7 4cfb 90cd 1ab02969b5c7
197 points

Who else is excited for Sharkboy and Lava Girl 2!?

Preview e7f72bbd 5485 456d 82c2 07260ed3a93c
178 points

Does this counts?

Preview 44d9f228 8812 4b29 bbfe 795a3de445b3
141 points

Some words of wisdom from Veronica.

Preview 197287eb fdda 4112 a47d 73b7e2ad632b
215 points

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