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This guy was rather surprised

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Family first

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Me too Toto....me too.

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Smoke weed everyday!

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Greatest cat pic ever. He creeps on me daily, every time it damn near kills me laughing.

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Houston, we have a problem.

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Powerful n*ggatry

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That one stupid friend

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He looks stunning

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23 Celebrities without makeup prove that they look no better than us

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Someone decided that the comfy spot on the bed was over my neck.

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I, uh... sometimes like to do stuff... like things and whatever

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The asians are always ahead of us

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Please avoid drinking tea.

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Which side?

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I've been choosen. Random cat at the hospital.

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Brian the retired Dublin gentleman spent his evening making 50 tubs of curry for the homeless, every single night. Living on a pension and p

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U wot m8

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Found a lay's without air

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