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The value of an upvote.

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When that co-worker you always eat lunch with is sick...

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13 points

Friend of mine’s daughter was in a chess competition. Safe to say she brought her game face.

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29 points

It's sad because it's true

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24 points

We the forgotten lol

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My local grocery store yesterday around 5:20 PM.

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52 points

The Hunger Games?

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62 points

The resemblance is eggstraordinary!

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He uses the little one.

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68 points

Cannoli is inspecting Leslie knope's dental work

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A perfect, one in a million shot that they will treasure forever.

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77% drop

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101 points

Combining the faces of actors who played a certain character

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105 points

My in-laws were uptight about the family photos. How long until they notice this slight edit?

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110 points

Not a single fuck given.

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81 points

Grab her by the tits

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95 points

I took grad photos with my boyfriend of the time, and after learning about our breakup, my aunt “fixed” my photos.

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106 points

Daisy Ridley and her sister!

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96 points

We don't need no education

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