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The king of the flame

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114 points

Curved kitchen island cabinets in a residence with glass walls on a sloping bank overlooking Delaware River, New Hope, Pennsylvania

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84 points

Someone spray painted on those stars...

Preview 2a7b9c7a a0f8 443f be89 06dd4ad0945f
102 points

A group of hipsters eating lunch

Preview 82c0e601 aa14 4cea a049 96578b648130
90 points

A second before a ruined afternoon

Preview 06c7db56 0881 4b6f bb9b a58266da1462

Best Dog Forever

Preview e20e7b89 e236 49d1 bed4 bafbbdb28846
46 points

Prince William. It's all about point of view.

Preview e8615600 290f 4af7 ad00 b0e857271992
106 points

Logan Certified / moss Design, Chicago, 2017

Preview 905230dd a744 49dd a160 0a2a19f77172
68 points

This lamp in the room looks like full moon

Preview 11c0a93a c43c 41ec a8f0 ae31b6a472ce
96 points

Roses are goth, I also congratulate, she was so kind to not stand up straight

Preview 265609fb 048a 4b5f a416 cedab2341a52
120 points

Close-up shot of the human eye by Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan

Preview 162c1b82 0820 454c 9c5b 483f8f4cc931
64 points

A bold truth

Preview c6ad5750 b35a 4b34 a5a4 ab9ea82ff8ac
15 points

We'd like to creep people out individually, but as a whole we'd like to scare the living shit out of someone

Preview c697898e 9996 4e4f aa5b 55118dcd4b80
103 points

Donald Trump as President

Preview 4dc8e914 5fb5 4b94 ad22 a0b2026e2a3c

Just one more Slavs thing...

Preview e8bd0c87 aac9 46bd bd26 6c38215c203e
149 points

Final Boss

Preview 50d84006 d3f0 42db ba00 6746a8f798a8
21 points

If only Hitler had one of these...

Preview 33d83677 1c5e 4066 829c 3f79287d5067
103 points

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