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Took this picture while another photographer flash was off

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The Happiest Batman I ever seen

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23 points

Suplex - Photo credit to @allelbows on Twitter

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Cri every time since I was 12.

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The face says it all...

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QOTSA at Maddison Square Garden in NYC

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That one friend who can’t take a normal picture (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Preview 295860a1 b2e6 4d33 a564 6d75a7209c82

What kind of monster brings a balloon to a movie?

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22 points

What kind of school is this?

Preview 0fb4a937 45cf 4b7f 8d93 42e61dc6f5e0
19 points

It’s rover raggy

Preview d4eb5da4 30de 4cd7 a620 1277d9201398
20 points

My Girlfriend's face when she caught the bouquet...

Preview db62f862 800a 4e29 8788 69d1e4037d21

When she laughs a little too hard at your homie's joke

Preview bdbfe6d7 ca0b 4351 ab99 06f9d42c433c

Need Jesus right now???

Preview c79212e0 b1a9 4383 bc70 47e802b09b0b
91 points

Look out Hugh Jackman, there is a new Wolverine in town!

Preview 7d33c248 1c82 48dd 8a6d b1b52c2094e8

Lion king's great

Preview b2c63e5b 3f21 480a b2f2 9cd97266196a

FREEDOMS is the right to put yourself through glass

Preview d204835d f069 4d8f 963f d2715cb30259

I recognize him from somewhere..

Preview ee6516cc 983a 4930 a49c 576d2764fa92
72 points

Best in Show at the 2017 World Beard and Mustache Championships

Preview c8696acc 33cb 4300 aa11 b067b0f9b7de
15 points

Torture contraption that speaks for itself.

Preview f4dc9fd5 1608 47a9 926b d850a576ff94
97 points

Playground insults

Preview 6556a1e3 dec5 4f33 b0b6 120c2104ff85
23 points

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