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Greetings to all who kissed the cup yesterday

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142 points

What a habit

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117 points

Too soon?

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88 points

My brothers girlfriend got a great picture of him stretching his forearms and doing something with his face. Would be a real shame if it made its way around the internet.

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118 points

Pele throwing mad shade

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173 points


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157 points

The letter "N"

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105 points


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134 points

Damnit Russia

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152 points

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

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149 points

How the daddy long-legs got its name

Preview ad32edf0 2974 4cd9 bbcb ae97d11320e6
206 points

Chris Pratt surprises theater full of kids, but green shirt kid is not amused.

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150 points

Hurdlers without hurdles

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114 points

Life after death

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92 points


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155 points

We’ve got a 2319!

Preview abb5049d f42c 4a38 b4d0 9b64f6ca0ebe
134 points

The way I treat other workers now.

Preview 7180712a 1fb3 4933 80af d1bf26a08fef
195 points

It's an endless cycle

Preview 24798313 cbd5 4e63 8c66 874ae18c5640
254 points

Caption This..

Preview 6c30e560 5cd0 470c 944b 3dc9b92f48a9
125 points

Sideways tuck.

Preview 20f88e5f 6b70 42ac bb59 7e108eb281f8
123 points

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