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Not only did I become an Infantryman today, I also became a US citizen!

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Damn, I wish I knew what laptop Jamie and Adam were using

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Heroes not traitors

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I know the feel bro...

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From pretty to... Well... Satan

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Best Rick and Morty pick up line you know?

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Hernias can get pretty bad.

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61 points

Long distance relationships

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So many questions...

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Learning the hard way

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Those moments in life where you appreciate those guys.

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Is the pupper innocent or guilty?

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Blood pressure is rising

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Thousand Mile Stare. Corporal Antonio Metruccio after a 3 day firefight. War is hell.

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What a sinner ...

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Black Hair, Blue Eyes and Freckles /Olivefirthy - No she does not

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Nice :D

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