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Babushka knows

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203 points

Say my name

Preview 98de6629 9e02 48fd a628 2523b8d0636c
83 points

Too edgy?

Preview 0c3baa9b ce3b 4401 a976 c5e13dd9071a
115 points

Not Beauty but billionaire

Preview 7cc325e6 40a9 4e00 8c28 0a782a381cd9

Driving a truck can harm

Preview b770be37 07f7 45e5 af8b bfa9e089408b
110 points

. Poor Sylvester

Preview ba38137b 36d1 479c b6a9 c777b03bf441
132 points
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In my country, we call it the Austrian method...

Preview ebd476e4 d91f 422f bff0 113749a83100
165 points

Wise is the new sexy

Preview 24ff2aa2 d3b9 4cc5 83d2 d1ae568a852a
104 points

There is no perfect meme ME:

Preview dca21325 3742 4d1c 877d 87133cc6c8a4
74 points

True love

Preview f10c5ae5 854b 49d0 87b0 a7b0fbe46009
142 points

Every girls dream

Preview a52dfbd9 276f 408a ba7d 352a40b52ba8
80 points

This image is actualy taken in my hometown...lucky me

Preview 8f1fb960 58fc 4741 a6d1 38440bf5f586
133 points

Summer is coming

Preview 7e1bad64 1746 47de 850c f63066988ebc
204 points

Bad decisions, we have all made them.

Preview fbe8438b fec9 4a85 bb06 f621c28b5cae
115 points

The real reason she looks like this all the time

Preview 076e5176 dc25 431e 8bbd 8f9ea53d79c9
96 points

Snapchat filters are getting a little out of hand

Preview 2980e790 4dc9 4f51 868e a6363b809208
462 points

If you don't get this we can't get friends

Preview d54e8c80 2420 4d47 a808 de4054009377
276 points

Steves face though....

Preview ef8c1468 3999 40d9 9d34 436fb8fd96da
261 points

When you sit down to take a dump and the toilet seat is freezing cold

Preview dbfa0cb1 2034 42a1 a957 bb2c58456552
213 points

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