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Montreal squirrel steals go-pro, amazing escape captured on video...


When the blacksmith has no more work to do

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47 points

This pun mite just take off

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40 points

What did the bees do after they got married?

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62 points

Fly fact

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74 points

Another Victim from my lovely Cat...

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120 points

Never mess with this rat

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54 points

Master Plan

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43 points


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110 points

Found this little guy today

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22 points

Photographer Diane Özdamar spent years photographing rats to break the negative image of them by taking cute magical pics

Preview 2337a3e7 c944 4f4a 97a5 bad153e9ec30
47 points

Thug Life Rat


Who doesn't love hamsters? :)

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19 points

When the lab rat ain't havin' your shit

Preview d87d9988 b04a 40eb 8030 bedc0b0eb175
52 points

Asshole Rat screws with science

Preview e8902bf5 5cd7 4af8 9225 2fb84466cf98
78 points

If you get this we might've just become best friends

Preview ba6f377a b98c 43f8 8325 f0400aef135c
148 points

Dammit Steve.

Preview 76666f5a 9470 4ff1 bd5a 64eedfdadf5b
67 points

Just a hamster saying hello

Preview 365df993 e7f8 454e ae45 971ad0e00c17
169 points

When you set a possum trap and your cat is an idiot.

Preview 257aa67a 6729 4019 a22e 2338fda30906

I found this dog by the road. Should I keep it?

Preview 96f47c26 5ae2 4978 b373 ab1370747bf4
97 points

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