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Sammie. He belongs to a woman I used to take care of a couple years ago.

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My Cat Looking Startled About Wearing a Cat Hat

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11 points

He was so cute until the flash turned him into a psycho koala.

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Told my foster cat she was gonna be a mother soon. She seems alarmed.

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19 points

That's Racist man

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18 points

Pupper doing a hmm

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11 points

No smok

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24 points

My adorable doggo is farting like he has never done before. I’m in a train and people are looking at me. I wanna die

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12 points

Guess who ran on the grass whole day?

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14 points

Anybody up for a little chat?

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17 points

Guardians of Heck, The Bamboozler.

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90 points

The vet put dye into my poodles eyes to check for a scratch and it turned them green

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59 points

This dog got stung by a bee...in his mouth

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19 points

I rather be with my dog..💕🌮🍺

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17 points

Did someone say great degree of difficulty?

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Sky raisins?!

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19 points

Seductive Floof

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22 points

Here comes stabby

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70 points

Thats it

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