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Recovered so well. Mashmello.

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Actually, I crunched the numbers again. Aaaannd, it looks like you can afford more treats for me.

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Pupper prepares to save Skyrim

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What? I'm not spoiled!

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This pupper dissolves in water.

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So you like doge

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The moment they both realized that I don't wear clothes in the tub

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My 2 cats hump each other loudly all night long...

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Sven decided to lay back and watch as I try to get him to exercise 😂

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Yes,I can hear them

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Just another photogenic cat

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Ears grip

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I Googled "Fat Greyhound"

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My dog wants to have puppies so bad she's having a false pregnancy. She's been nursing this plush dog for a week

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When I tell him he looks handsome

Preview 999b9a92 c589 4095 a7a4 ce4ddfd56de7

Yes boss...

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Which is the only part od a vegetable that u dont eat? (see tags)

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My sleeping lovely cats

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Why did I laught at this for a minute straight?

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The moment my dog kicked him in the balls. Sorry for potato quality

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