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My wolf pack.

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141 points

You mean... unduckover

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104 points

When you realize you did a mistake

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93 points

So Cute! Decorator Crabs Make High Fashion At Low Tide

171 points

I saw this, and couldn't resist

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Pupper fell asleep on my hand. He's going to be a border patrol sniffer dog!

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86 points

Hooman, you did me a frighten

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92 points

My kitten Sullivan is very interested in what you've got to say. Please, continue...

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108 points

Freakin' out man.

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134 points

Meanwhile, at today's meeting on feline healthcare...

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129 points

I don't think so

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99 points

Hi, I'm Egg.

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59 points

My cute doggg

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74 points

Merlin doesn't care that I want to watch TV.

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No idea what I interrupted here...

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81 points

Daisy doesn't like being picked up

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64 points

What do you mean I can't go outside?!

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60 points

Found this doggo in in trash. he is my friend now. his name is Cujo

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74 points

My hunting dog is on high alert

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