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I’m always right when will you learn

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I threw a tennis ball, he brought back a crab apple. Close enough, I guess.

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The little dog wanted a belly rub, but the bigger one wanted something to lay her head on.

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Poor dog loses her head from vicious boxer......

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Rambo before and after calling him a good boy.

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My cat routinely steals my hair elastics. I found out she just stashes them under the stove

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Hazel always sits and lays on Willow

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Nightmare kitty

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Thanks, Sadie. I was hoping to tip and break my neck.

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My cat makes the same face when he's surprise hugged

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Having a moment

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Unexpected hug

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Me: can I move my leg plz? Cat: nope

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Cat & Food - It’s Cat Food!

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Dissatisfied with simply demanding the most expensive food, Buddy decided to cut out the middleman and just eat my money directly.

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The Peanut Butter Crusher

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Saw this as I was walking up the porch.

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