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I just wish she didn't look so damn pleased with herself.

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My cats always lay with their butts right on my lenses

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99 points

Dog drinking water from a sprinkler

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Cat won't let you be Depressed!

Preview 40a81ede f25b 4d5e b1e7 3213786e2e1b
96 points

A sneaky boy

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He sat on his sister so I would pet him instead.

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Hello down there

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Instead of killing his catch-of-the-day.. he has carried it around for ~24hr now showing it to everyone, keeping it alive

Preview 6f838384 34c5 444d b20e bc239799cdfa

The fuck-off dog.

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Mocha is in time out for biting her human.

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Dread leash.

Preview 725a748b d71a 4cb3 b956 c0742db9b10b
93 points

I can't even...

Preview fb205a26 8277 41c5 b5e1 a754e7bf2868

If.... I.... fits.... I SITS

Preview b30db501 401d 4f12 8771 c125ff489ca7
56 points

Shit’s going down

Preview 9f064ff5 40f0 44a5 9b23 d2174c12da61
81 points

Take my selfie 🤪

Preview e3c3ecba 9fe6 4dd2 b1fa 2690a3bdb888

Was trying to watch TV but my cat had other ideas.

Preview ed036eab 234a 4b91 878f 790f16c47182

Best face swap ever

Preview 49aa39a7 8d8d 45a1 817d a20ea1ffb567
87 points

Any. Birthday. Is My. Birthday.

Preview ebf71905 52b9 4100 9451 6e0460f5c13f

“Not there!”

Preview 06ea2931 e937 47c3 9b0e bb4944f574f0
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