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The Universe Vs Man's Thoughts

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173 points

Oh how times have changed...

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144 points

I found this and two others as I was taking out the outside trash at work.

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108 points

My wife made this for our friend who has Asthma... speechless...

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123 points

Animals of the world

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114 points


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172 points

For the aggressive dieters

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82 points

A note left on the coaster of a local brew pub.

Preview 5f49a3b2 f347 47a8 881e cf768ea121c1
104 points

Douche bag requirements

Preview 22303d31 78b5 4452 a994 b41ee6e2fbdd
101 points

Still hurts to see

Preview 30cf5eec 997c 45c7 b1c6 6473e04be91a
148 points

Worst album ever

Preview 81ae78ce 5589 4bab bbff 158faa94003b
130 points


Preview f154e684 844a 4e6d 8f7f 85080de5f54c
102 points

How I expect the emoji movie to be

Preview 238b3b84 1a5f 4c1c 9caa e5c3c4fb7269

Good times

Preview 38b7a923 3726 4650 b962 abcc6bc6ebd6
108 points

*blows joint*

Preview a4e1a1e3 eb77 4583 9ad2 69107617e125
23 points

Once upon a time...

Preview cf5a42e4 0b4c 43b8 a8ce 882f97baaed9
103 points

If you are European you know damn well that your grandma never actually has the cookies inside

Preview f1f90cd3 7af0 426a 95bf 175eae89035a
112 points

Yes, the stargate series

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Preview a0581e68 4fb0 4893 a1c7 a2c592dac996
64 points

The mirroring on this Die Hard DVD...

Preview 0848f59c 6918 4c81 bc0e 65f720d6afcc
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