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Redditor criminals be like.

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That drawing of Dan was done in 2015, and Google decided just now to use it as their first official pic of him. Also, that's not JonTron. Go home Google, you're drunk.

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Here is a meme from 1920, enjoy.

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Big penis OR great memory - which one you choose?

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lol I was horrible helping in group projects

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Average Face

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Me making Fun of vegans vs..

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We’ve updated our privac-

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My kid saw a movie ad and said 'It looks like us!'

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It's all for research purposes

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My boyfriend’s aunt commissioned her coworker to do a family portrait for her mother. 6 months & $50 later... worth it.

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When your surname is too popular

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Online shopping in a nutshell

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My 5 year old made a Calvin themed birthday work of art for me

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The onion getting cheeky today

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Just a reminder

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Its the same😂

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