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Little crimes

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103 points

Looked up Lesbian Haircut, was not disappointed

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97 points

I too suffer from that ailment

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58 points

I seriously can't look at Belichick now without thinking of the Goonies lady. 😂

Preview 52a2aec0 bff8 4476 8d65 b76884ccd103
91 points

Combining the faces of actors who played a certain character

Preview 997ee51c 4edc 4b42 bc9e ecd942d194dd
109 points

Jesus H Christ!

Preview 5c9a228a f225 4189 8ec8 8a3449ced23b
94 points

The most diverse actor in the world!

Preview dfa5a30f fdee 4a74 9f60 e5f426c81c96
109 points

True story

Preview 5fa6ad08 9b28 454c b05a d3a980455aed
87 points

Hello darkness, my old friend...

Preview 6d928ae8 5001 4a16 9720 6b3fa6ff5401
92 points

Tried the new Google Arts & Culture app four times... I just don't see it

Preview c31d0d45 8e8f 4d51 94f4 384f3fcc83a5
82 points


Preview 1f96f39a fcff 41a0 8983 bd52d9e59f65
85 points

You had one job...

Preview 2c098c09 0b54 4300 aa1d b83621d5cc0e
91 points

Biggest idiot of the century

Preview 450a8aa6 99a2 4c8c 9103 da518773c4be
108 points

Netflix and chill

Preview 4527e283 b7bd 4ec7 b92c 6b59c7393b8c
92 points

Steve Martin on Tom Hanks

Preview 6a48e90c 2b74 4d1b 8a2a 4d7dfb2bc622
86 points

These two local doctors. Two these doctors local.

Preview c81f0cd1 a595 4bee 9a26 9b8abb670533
48 points

I mean...

Preview 49365725 3878 464a bbf9 eb2b79f52c97

Happy Thanksgiving!

Preview 95f86fee 0bf7 4def 928d c758fdf18b2d
39 points

Woody Harrelson's father, Charles Harrelson, was a contract killer.

Preview e503f2c4 389f 4d22 9999 e595faf0487d
85 points

Chess, not checkers.

Preview 348b6f1e eec2 48e7 b2f1 2bca638649c9
41 points

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