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This guy doesnt like pulp

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It says, "We're paying twenty grand to the guy who can kill that local cop with a moustache"

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41 points

Scientifically accurate.

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Or not. Whatever you think is best.

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The new "make love not war"

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He's the only one who gets it: He didn't vote for Potus, he didn't create a war, he didn't kill anyone, but his tax money did.

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Enuff is enuff - we've had it!

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liberal idiot.

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DNC primaries were rigged by crooked Hillary

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Fight capitalism with your iPhone like

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One of the best signs I've come across

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The perfect place for a proposal...

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Yea why the heck not

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Just overthrowing capitalism, one Apple iPhone 7 selfie at a time.

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...keeps on ticking away

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Don't know if Wednesday is a good day to be gay after taco tuesday.

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Some Perspectives

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364 points

So many questions

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You Can Always Tell When Business is Slow in Thailand

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