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This breakfast menu

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115 points

What animal would I be honey?

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113 points

Someone let the Pope know

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73 points

Most accurate definition of adulthood.

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134 points

Trav....... how the fuck

Preview e6db4b9d b7b6 49f2 b8dc 9166641f7b75

How to Make Tea

Preview 9b08dd21 f113 480b 95ce 781ee3c8291b
89 points

Police Department Google Review

Preview e1375113 6382 4b89 b7e8 cc0442d099aa
90 points

Forget 2018, this was 2010

Preview d0d9929b 0749 4abd b308 209b58a56ebc
95 points

Hate political, but found this hilarious!

Preview f5b58989 8dbc 49fe ab6f eaec0cdba4b2

Was browsing Mouse Mats on Amazon when suddenly..

Preview 3d15cb7f d4f3 4ffc abcf a5419e3bae91
85 points

Was browsing Mouse Mats on Amazon when suddenly..

Preview 6cf58516 8ec3 495a b7cb ef80a8ff2d9e
88 points

Trump's latest tweet

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Preview 075df2be 32e5 443a 9c16 199b31162c32
115 points

3 different kinds of pet owners

Preview 3568668c 8beb 4436 a6c3 e2d58e8bcfd8
121 points

"No means no"

Preview 09fd1e52 4d68 4ac3 8c4e 233b353f8aa9
104 points

That eagle must be retarded

Preview 77269c2b 5545 467a 8b0b 847906e0fbd0
87 points

Google tryina catch me slippin

Preview e0684f9a 140c 4eca 97ad 266f87353c86
56 points

My son got detention. Can't even be mad.

Preview dc469098 95c1 403d 8498 e3d6aa49fe94
71 points

To the "Polish Man" guy,I raise you this

Preview c0acb888 951f 4bbd 9329 ab00b0cc031c
75 points

Just had to add the important part at the end.

Preview 8a03b6d6 347d 42cb 8aa3 12c31707ee5d
74 points

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