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This guy just might be a genius! Says he will sell one post when he reaches 5M followers...I don’t believe him!

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Caught in the act.

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Replaced my little sisters graduation photo with one of the supreme leader 3 weeks ago. Dad still hasn’t noticed.

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I Used Adblock When I Went To BuzzFeed And There Was Nothing Left

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Things people said today

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I can assure you...

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How to solve the riddle of the goat cabbage and wolf

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El Cucuy was real though.

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Toe-Nails On Paper | Art In Repose | High Class Trimmings | People Aren’t My Type

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Btw I think Rihanna is overrated

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Review of a Sonic game.

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Just walked face first into his lair spanning across my door

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Finally, an inoffensive meme…

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How to draw a rose.

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I found the painting of the "wtf did I just read" meme dude in Scotland!

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Why I hate our current apartment.

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Had a few floppies lying around...I decided to make this...

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Just shower thoughts

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What a great family picture

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