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When your cat runs your life but you like to keep things tidy.

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Hotel Revier / Carlos Martinez Architekten, Switzerland, 2017

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59 points

Finger Puppets are Fun.... WTF

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81 points

Mid-century family room in Venice, CA

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46 points

Bed Comfort Level

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64 points

Stephen Hawking’s Cat

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87 points


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Student or average JoeBlow/JaneDoe with a boring white living room? Well, look what just a few coordinated pillows, cheap posters and a bit of coloured plastic can do

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20 points

Coco Chanel's Paris apartment.

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24 points

I was out late one night and decided to check on my dog... 10/10 would buy security camera again

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105 points

A mirror is used to extend the brown wall on the left

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73 points

When you make an absurd request and your family supports it.

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64 points

Help Identify: White Rocking Chair

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49 points

Kaufman Lofts, Kitchener ON

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52 points

The blanket that my husband got me for Christmas. It’s his face

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54 points

My 2.5 year old daughter’s nanny said she should use the word “foofoo” instead of “vagina”. My response:

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84 points

Dachshund sitting in living room layered with mid-century design furniture and wallpaper.

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73 points

Abnormal human sweater I came across when I worked for a family earlier this week.

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77 points

Modest Panoramic. Era: Post girlfriend, first real job.

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98 points

A living room in The Netherlands

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