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Sophisticated Bedroom - Berkeley, CA

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17 points

Wooden bedroom in the woods with a view of the Colico Lake, La Araucanía Region, Chile

Preview d7ddf5a3 245a 45fd 9bf1 ffe5e5ad44ae
12 points

Nothing too spectacular, but our bedroom is starting to feel really cozy!

Preview 2c6a5755 a94d 4fa6 a88d 1ab070fea66f
11 points

This living room has a lot of character.

Preview 5d27aae1 bd9d 4107 b336 b61d43feeb2b
79 points

A minimalist concrete highrise bedroom with platform bed.

Preview b394092c 1423 4989 8144 19c39458e192
75 points

He was looking at a fly

Preview 9a556a3b 9010 4e10 a7dd 0bec068247f6

Thunderstorms are rough for this pupper

Preview 8180daec 9b48 45b0 89f2 2673d8397599
23 points

This is how my cat sleeps

Preview 94ce6e0e ad5b 4720 b1c2 0e11b7a7580c
23 points

The room I grew up in

Preview ccf5839b a842 4508 860c 111d10256a88
14 points

Need this for obvious reasons

Preview 3ac7490d f255 4920 95f5 83634e08b350
22 points


Preview 7082f977 b58f 473f a883 d7c1ab8b886d

His preferred toy is part of himself.

Preview b859ca0e 21d3 4b35 868d 3fed9d9149b7
17 points

Glad I invested in all these dogs beds...

Preview 4e16d45e f044 4dbe afcf 24a8af2f4ede

Caco tat

Preview f5b5a19f 84db 4ebd 9f9a 0e8e435eec76
17 points

This is how my 2.5 year old niece insists on holding her new baby brother

Preview 6ec26a74 c9a8 4a78 91c0 c43d8396cf7c
21 points

Only the best nutrition for my babies!!

Preview 2dad9af8 7cf3 4806 a525 9120449155d1
17 points

Historical town home in St. Louis MO

Preview e2a6045b 18e4 448b bb6d 33649cdef96b
16 points

I think my boner have autism

Preview f3ed4ff3 7735 447a a37a 37669ef5051e
24 points

"Well ,this didn't go down as planned ,a little help please"

Preview d3718915 e1da 45c3 ab4b 7ea9705865f2
88 points

Let your mom know she forgot her thong last night

Preview a8b2e743 0b27 4365 b832 c502b59ebf01
95 points

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