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Giving birth is tiring.

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Minimalist room 800x900

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Cosy hotel room in Paris, designed by Jacques Garcia.

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Don't kill yourselves just yet, wait until this date

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Thanks for laying down on the stuff I just folded

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He froze when I said, "Hi."

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Relatable isn't it??

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Im just gonna post this here

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Simultaneous Yawns

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We left a surprise at the hotel 😂😂😂

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And the biggest yawn award goes to...

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A love story of ice and fire

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Saved this little cutie yesterday, she couldn't get out of the street

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I sleep on the left side

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Because, stubbing your toe on the corner of the bed doesn't hurt enough already.

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Bed in Airstream camper parked on top of a South African hotel

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He was looking at a fly

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Blaze his first night and almost a year later

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