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Now it all makes sense.

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Religion of peace

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51 points

Top 10

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122 points

This came up when I searched "excessive force" in the images category

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20 points

"Full-ish House"

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83 points

This revolver.

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85 points

If it works it works

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Any gun enthusiasts? My original 1858 Remington New Model Army.

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4 points

Guy escapes bear.

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Guys can do household chores

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6 points

One shot was all it took...

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A classic

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German made weapon in 1916.

Preview e7c5eea8 5598 4f68 8464 31cd10720fa3
16 points

My air conditioner broke. The previous owner had taken some shortcuts.

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4 points

Guess the country. Riddle me this

Preview fc3400c6 b03b 4758 a30f 56e4c262563c
4 points

This man going to his place

Preview 5c9c7170 5c4a 4d2a a61e 909649ec4b36
21 points

CZ Skorpion EVO 1100 rounds per minute

Preview 77d2feeb e44d 4846 b4c1 af085fe25cfa
22 points

A Gunblade...

Preview f4f16306 eb19 4497 9255 d8e4b93ab45e
22 points

Guns of WWI part 1

Preview 7a0390e0 b513 4356 a645 bc033a34ca4c

Because war. War never changes.

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12 points

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