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27 Famous Guns That Played The Main Part In Popular Movies

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Explanation for this please

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How to draw machine gun in 4 steps

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50 CAL

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America f**k yeah

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Didn't see that coming

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P250 is love, P250 is life

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Real Italians

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"John Wick" With Nerf Guns Is Not Bloody, But Still Freaking Badass

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To the post with a three barrelled shotgun...

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Getting one of these for christmas.

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Only 40's kids will remeber

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Guess the country

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No butterfly knives?

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Another chuck Norris fact...

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When You Need To Reach Out And Touch Someone

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Swole for the win! except katana and bruce lee

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Glad trump won

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The most american thing I can imagine

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Bullet porn. OATH 12 gauge shotgun round. Expands to 3 1/2" (88mm).

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