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Diamo gets a job as a pizza making man

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Dude wtf

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Yup. Perfect

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Pizza Prank Call ! Went so well ! HE GOT SO DEFENSIVE


Pizza is life

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Da fuk

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Science biatch !

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Pizza time


Get your own pizza!


Passive-Aggressive Spouse

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How yo properly cut pizza

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Prank Calling Dominos


Boneless pizza prank callHilarious and AMAZING Reaction to Pizza Hut Hilarious Boneless Pizza Prank call


Forget pineapple on pizza, ketchup on macaroni and ice cubes in wine. This is the worst. Who does that?

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Mama mia..

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Funny prank call to RACIST pizza guy

10 points

Chopping Up A Body While She Waits For Her Refund Prank Call


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