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Eat fresh

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84 points

Mmmm glazed

Preview 6dbbd5e3 2620 4976 831d 5c031a21a423
91 points

You haven't eaten pizza until....

Preview 0aceed87 c5fa 45fb af1b fc08af42a16a
97 points

Gaming with the bois

Preview 7ab7439f 0f81 492f bf82 c5065282a139
87 points

Finally some good advise

Preview 3b81728a c81f 4080 b592 f79ce7e4b7a0
46 points

Good to know. Summer will be here soon.

Preview 9ec673bb 00a6 40c5 afb7 c5f91e2f5579
104 points

Lady and her cat

Preview 045605ee 9dc7 471b 8f83 87db6cb87e17
75 points

1st world nations but can you do this ?

Preview 2c9f6fc9 544f 4024 8580 e6fddbfa77c7
97 points

My short mom sends our family photos of her with really tall people

Preview cce3a6e8 d0b1 46fd 83d7 624f441f5169
95 points

Gordon Ramsay's Son.

Preview d36be2df ae83 4dcb 9e94 e00cca267260
105 points

The Art of Not Giving a F*ck About Others

Preview bb6c258f 1660 4a9c 9f35 f8b71fe4c3d7
60 points

These were on r/funny separately and needed to be together:

Preview 709cee48 72a2 4787 bdf1 9f83f9633c3c
67 points

Elon Musk in 2 years

Preview 253d5835 4d76 43b7 8bc4 ec3c487fbc37
69 points

That person is angry..

Preview ed84b6f3 c08f 42b1 9af1 a776ce42a81c
110 points
Preview 02ceb985 74ca 4cc2 b908 09be29e9849e
133 points

Little blue bastards

Preview 1d1007c9 4216 4024 a819 0b1c645d3b40
12 points

Fighting the real fight

Preview 20b02d6b 2c01 40aa bd8e 4eeb81644d23
34 points

Guy orders and eats a Burger with 1000 extra slices of cheese

Preview 4fd086a3 8d8e 41aa ae40 e3ee54f31396
53 points

9 eleven

Preview c3db6f93 21d1 43db 922a 7e4935256e65
45 points

When you're building a house and need to do a lot of measuring

Preview 8a24bff2 87cb 4586 8182 ee4fe71ed634
71 points

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