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My cousin was feeding a deer from a paper bag, when the deer took it from his hands.

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Rescued orphaned babies. Sprayed twice.

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My Cat litterally took a shit in my Bed...

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I'm Ned and I'm bed

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124 points

Apparently not all cats are afraid of thunderstorms

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I went to the zoo but the Rhino was tired.

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157 points

I'm Ned and I'm Bed

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Today i learned about the Babirusa, a species of wild pig with tusks that grow through the roof of its mouth. They keep growing and sometimes kill it by growing into its brain.

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141 points

Right after falling

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129 points

Off color humor

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I'm out in BFE Oregon, shooting photos, upon further review, turns out this shot was #perfecttiming

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My sister took her cat for a walk last fall. We still don't know if he was enjoying himself...

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While feeding the deer at my grandmom's house, we noticed that one of them was punching one of the others.

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A tired cow

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Oh Dear, that's some trophy!

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Light as a feather, stiff as a board

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Quit while you're ahead

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" every drunk girl pic on facebook "

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Unexpected love story

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