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What the medias won't show you

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Here is some useful information, you're welcome

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Decided to snap a pic driving. Noticed the dry rain spots on my windshield looking like a sky full of stars ✨

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What the super-continent Pangea would look like with modern-day international borders.

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It's sad, but true

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F**k go back.

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Mother nature isn't happy

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Gliese 667Cc, one of the nearest and most Earth-like exoplanets.

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I remember now!

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Took me a while

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The size of hurricane Irma!

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Kill dumb mot*******rs

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Hurry Cane!

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My thought for the day

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Eclipse view from Portland, Oregon

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Hurricane Irma if it would have passed over Europe

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Eclipse from space.

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This guy created a self-sustainable plant-in-a-huge-jar project that grew for 40 years inside the jar without opening it.

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Let me see some gif's

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