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if you're young, this might go over your head

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9 points

It's a-me

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21 points

I was looking for oil for my car when I came across this beauty.

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23 points

My elderly resident couldn't remember where she put her tv remote, here's where I found it

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22 points

Mike Dyson

Preview b42e8e07 c4b7 492a 8ff5 c0d85e6e8b30
14 points

I finally was able to buy a car with anti-theft installed!

Preview 64bbfcec 40b9 4f3b afde 488bfa2e4285
17 points

Flamingo Prank


Yess!! I'm blessed, haturs gannu hate.

Preview 38529044 722b 46d8 916f 1a143975235f
3 points

A decision was made here...

Preview 6f0d92eb 3916 46bf 84b4 ee4f303b4997
2 points

Correct way to eat Peeps.

Preview 3d3354f3 75f1 4df9 b46c 054969497ae4
6 points

The way these measuring cups and mixing bowls stack together

Preview adc134ea 4b4f 4e59 9002 bb4d3af91bfd
11 points

Manamana https://g.co/kgs/dNE8Xn

Preview d1333686 3f6a 4824 b54c 21d2c33503bf

Picture of The Chainsmokers piano

Preview 6042fad6 85c3 486c bb7f aca5fd394b95
15 points

You may kiss the bride

Preview f2ca37d6 91db 4778 84f1 e9de4d49db6b
17 points

Leaked photo of the Chainsmokers production studio

Preview 5c59c453 823f 4cb0 a877 44dfbcff7a80
17 points


Preview 7bcec751 3987 4eab a4f8 ff482bd3491a
101 points

This has got to be, the best way to react to ANYTHING

Preview ad7f8fc1 0b3f 4577 9369 dcad2aab91bc
13 points

* laughs in nihilism *

Preview 77012c8a 6cb4 47d0 9dd2 c6b4b244ea8a
5 points

I think I'll get a loaf from another shop...

Preview e43f03cc 6051 4e2c 81c0 83efb41df591
6 points

Moon landing 1969-First wheels on suitcase 1970. Think about it!!!

Preview 9aa294e8 c919 4ed4 8c41 09ac2c1aa698
8 points

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