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This is a sticker for a Boosted Board that I got for my son for Christmas. He opened it upside down and said “hey cool, a koala with a turban!”

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42 points

Anyone keen for some milk pop?

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41 points

My 3 yr old can finally tell Alexa to turn off the kitchen lights

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64 points

We always get each other ironic gifts, my little sister killed it this year: batteries not included

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43 points

Anyone keen for some milk pop?

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44 points


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69 points

His name is Clifford

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76 points

Mike Dyson

Preview 6b9f0113 8366 4c35 ab31 f6bb0a7c484b
59 points

I wish

Preview f79f87ae 13c2 46f0 b609 49e5aab909a8
44 points

A peak inside the male brain

Preview 20b24efc f4fb 4efd ae44 4100ac95b2a0
109 points

Christian High School Parties

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81 points

Found out my three year old daughter keeps a box with a knife, a gun, and some cash. Should I be worried?

Preview 99217014 7f3a 40dd b5be ab03f2c80484
89 points

if you're young, this might go over your head

Preview 17aa9584 e35a 460c 9202 6384f82f3d68
80 points

It's a-me

Preview 35259b39 1e4e 46b1 b00e cb73170f2683
50 points

I was looking for oil for my car when I came across this beauty.

Preview 3dbb15bf 6a2b 40f0 b47f f293dd4c7d70
90 points

My elderly resident couldn't remember where she put her tv remote, here's where I found it

Preview b0795652 9520 4e35 b228 f204ba628c84
74 points

World's first Solar powered 3D player

Preview 2d345b11 fe5a 4aa7 9d9c cb13d11e037d

Mike Dyson

Preview b42e8e07 c4b7 492a 8ff5 c0d85e6e8b30
42 points

I finally was able to buy a car with anti-theft installed!

Preview 64bbfcec 40b9 4f3b afde 488bfa2e4285
81 points

Flamingo Prank

13 points

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