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This is what you get when you ask for a hamburger in Italy.

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61 points

In a parallel world

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20 points

Stay classy, Marriott

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22 points

I've grown up wondering wtf this is...

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14 points

Marriott Hotels honor 9/11 for 30 minutes.

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21 points

A guy in the office is trying to lose weight

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20 points

Even worse than strawberry pizza...

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23 points

Batman is always home alone

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Milk Steak

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73 points

The best maternity shirt ever.

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21 points

WTF ! Pumpkin Carving Contest :P

Preview d8a1541a 8a3e 4f8c a706 ff87a53e98fa
98 points

The badassitude of this fossil!

Preview cfa27be6 dcc7 42ba 8d95 198bc941f976
51 points

Cellphone Found in Salad From Chili's

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24 points

Who else wants some Pizger

Preview 36afdb0e a85c 4d99 9bef a909ff21e4d6
65 points

Chris Pratt

Preview 94ca4de4 620c 416d b8f3 289c33f7e905
18 points

Precious though...

Preview 46bd90ed be3c 43a2 9d23 516b8fd6ba4b

Dinner was dropped while screaming "WTF!!!"

Preview 6ae09fd4 1d6a 402a a396 7ad4ce9bfdff
69 points

What 1 Dollar Will Buy You Around the World

Preview 28f08407 7acc 45a7 88cf 1f61474114ef

Hype for the upcoming live-action movie Fullmetal Alchemist!!

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