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Precious though...

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Dinner was dropped while screaming "WTF!!!"

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What 1 Dollar Will Buy You Around the World

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Hype for the upcoming live-action movie Fullmetal Alchemist!!

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A 3D rendering from an actual “curb stomped” homeless man from last Friday night.

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Worst computer build ever.

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Mio dio!

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LPT- eating a hard taco over a soft tortilla shell nets you a second taco absolutely free. You're welcome world.

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A barbecue cupcake?

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Italians will relate

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Valentine Tacos. Greetings from Mexico!

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Do you?

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Baking cookies ... in my car. This is not Arizona, this is Portland OR area, where it's 102 today

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Mods are asleep, upvote mom's spaghetti!

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Nothing beats a chicken parmigiana at a country pub

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Guess who's coming to dinner..

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Gods have blessed us

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Han Dynasty has the most unfortunate URL I have ever seen.

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There is still hope

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