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Rock band playing outside of H.S. for a film festival. Hotdogs were being grilled, and I felt a number of wieners hit my body. Photo captures evidence

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When you want to help your team but you don't know how

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Wenger out.

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Matter of perspective

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20 points

A fight for the ball and my bad reaction

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Brooklyn Nine Nine

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Took this picture while another photographer flash was off

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Fight me demons!!!

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23 points

Roughest sport I ever played!

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Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Cody Bellinger falls over the railing as he catches a fly ball.

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My boy made the team

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This man is a legend.

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80 points

Give me an Börk

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Alternate version of Mulan on point

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4 points

Back in my day!

Preview 27722fdf ae9b 4183 9424 07a038674c57
10 points

Caught A Boob!

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9 points

Boom, headshot.

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Why cyclists wear black shorts

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13 points

This Bloody Short Film "Virtual Nightmare" Let You Experience Horror With Sweat And A Lot Of Pain


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