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When you get any surprise

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112 points

Make the call

Preview d69b0d2c 05b2 4f4c b69b 9f7ce8601753
113 points

It's almost like it's alive

Preview 5987f9e2 343d 4e5f bc11 614e4fa2c706
93 points

I'm not saying that my dog should respect the cat a little bit more, but....

Preview dbcf3f2e 2bab 4585 856c 4ea18bad2e81


Preview 960bc51c a523 439d 972d 93aa0d894c78

Scary doggo

Preview de129c18 3e5c 4deb bb2c 948ff748d29c
93 points

Going into work after not sleeping all weekend like

Preview fe33d35c dc73 4b12 9391 118253096b1a
82 points

Nightmare fuel

Preview 0acb1c36 7ad3 4501 8c4a 0b5b60efd34c
80 points

Doggo meet his idol.

Preview c6bfb678 ced0 4bad a442 e05bfc5214be
96 points

Uhhh, Dora?

Preview ce781374 4806 4275 b26f aa221b85f24e
73 points

This sculpture in the lobby where i work. Got a fair idea of where the inspiration for it came from

Preview 6989cbe5 7c27 4031 b88d cc8b41be3f1f
85 points

Happy Easter Reddit!

Preview 56b01d3d d6a7 4720 961f fce32b256a00
52 points

Who approved this?

Preview e82e5702 249a 4681 a707 0ac605c95174
102 points

Disney Skate Adventure!

Preview d06cea49 7dab 4ef1 979e 651092caa7b7


Preview 935ffbee 1657 4c7d aece 080dd7deb492
98 points

When you can't afford animatronics for a kids's birthday party.

Preview f23331d1 0ef4 431d 86d0 f7eae11b1e3f
101 points

Happy Australia Day

Preview 2640f69a 44f4 42d9 a09a 234495561bea
87 points

Old pic of the brother falling off a porch chair

Preview 9bf24593 3f10 437a 8e64 f1dd7594afe8
104 points

I need an explanation for this photo.

Preview a0fa2887 05bd 4838 aeb0 0db1fb7555f0
120 points

Sculpture made entirely out of human teeth

Preview b0362c4b a1cd 47bc adba 394fb0ee2b2f
103 points

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