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Spa Room with thermal mineral-rich spring water in Laktasi, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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136 points

An oriental castle in Burghausen an der Salzach, Germany

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66 points

Jackie Gleason Round House, Cortlandt Manor, NY, USA

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70 points

He got alcohol delivered to the store while waiting for his girlfriend

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159 points

Multi-storied open central courtyard providing natural light and ventilation to the living spaces, Shiraz, Iran

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71 points

Fairchild Mansion, early modern Manhattan townhouse with glass-enclosed ramps

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104 points

Please be patient

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109 points

This M&M has seen some shit.

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142 points

Indoor pool room features a vaulted ceiling and a lap pool with art glass at the bottom -- designed by Deep River Partners, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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133 points

Worlds largest dead parrot collection.

Preview f06945db cd1d 4686 af2d a71dd46bfae9
114 points

Orange & White Kitchenette with Stainless Eat-In Counter, Washington DC,

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112 points

I heard this kid yelling for his dad at Lowe’s, I went looking for him and.....

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120 points

Large living area wraps around a central staircase that sits beneath a large skylight in this former shoe store that dates back to 1862 in Tribeca, NYC.

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55 points

Natural light warms wood paneling of 2-story Library w/ see-through Balcony + Fireplace

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101 points

Kitchen area receives lots of natural light from the two-story glass wall in this loft in Amsterdam.

Preview 755a4a18 f55e 4226 988f d57ba1fce931
91 points

Rockwood House, Portland, OR, USA

Preview 6958d781 aa2c 483a b8bb a1acfb78a232
63 points

My local supermarket is pro-choice.

Preview a6f13475 ae44 42ab 8e3a 87c1e094d322
123 points

You know what would be fun? Waiting in line at that store, where there's not supposed to be any lines.

Preview 064d293e 9c40 4ef6 8f5b 0dff99237d79
117 points

Au Bon Marché, Paris

Preview c124674a e064 4265 abf8 af558f202a21
101 points

Anne and Charles Duncan Hall, Houston, TX, USA (John Outram, 1996

Preview d112207f 6eaa 4223 82f9 28ab6401e5cd
76 points

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