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I think were taking the whole "If I fits, I sits" thing a bit far now...

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This puppy small enough to get through the fence bars. I guess a spoon is cheaper than change the whole fence.

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93 points

Wild group of dinosaurs claiming Toys R us for the extinct

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121 points

Looking through dog ads when all of a sudden

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66 points

This guy snuck into a cow pasture and proceeded to harass cows for 20min, all while actively ignoring my calls.

Preview d9996bfc 9a5d 41d9 9959 c9ddb51c82a5

Sales calls... Amirite?!?

Preview 6b7022cf 24b4 41a3 adbe 5d95a6559cc2

Rat Boy Terrorizes Tinder

Preview bac2ecfd c11d 4116 af16 f139ff7bb075
132 points

ITAP of my best friend letting me know she enjoyed our trip.

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Passing time

Preview dd363a83 da23 4095 8a14 a66daf40a5ef

7 years since rescue

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38 points

My wife wondered why I was so excited to hit 80k miles

Preview 7f166cd0 e2ca 4079 8932 db08f9f18cb9
36 points

Thats it

Preview 10986311 34bd 4fb9 857e 40664977f4aa
74 points

Snuggle Buddies For Life

Preview 5ea20031 4ee3 40bb a57c f36863376d0a
103 points

Quiet as a mouse

Preview b31953de 2fbe 4714 a497 41a6b98bb18e

But it said close

Preview 1a505289 b03a 4980 9dea a406541b23f6
46 points

Houston Rockets Mascot scares the sh*t out of Dwight Howard and other players

140 points

Cate and Doggo

Preview 67a84f92 939d 4469 9105 b30b67a7b541
109 points

Doggo interrogation

Preview 29b31c6d 5608 41e4 842f aa73f76401ea
16 points

Or is it just my mom?

Preview 7d7a4c90 b016 4c35 8f57 d2cdd47b87b2
115 points

Getting hit in the nuts while playing fetch

Preview 7586431e a8f7 44bf 88f1 23cb07367477
108 points

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