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I accidentally sharted in Cancun billboard

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194 points

Guy Tries To Break Up Berkeley Riots With A Can Of Pepsi, Thanks To Their Failed Ad

339 points

Spotted: Schools Mini Van.

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124 points

What is he thinking?

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175 points

My wife's motto

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149 points

Let's be more humans, and less somebody.

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142 points

Real Italians

Preview 2f967504 db6b 4b8b b99d 700db27c0210
155 points

The towns had enough of your sh*t Bessie.

Preview 454b4caa 9637 4c4e 97a9 f23c2f376c04

U buy today I do tomoz. I promiz!

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114 points

Because fu*k you

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130 points

A glitch in the matrix

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121 points

mmmm, pudding

Preview a11cb23e d260 4d31 9a39 8114e2acecd8
95 points

Female Police Officer - Germany

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216 points

Who likes boomsticks

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79 points

Have a nice day old man

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123 points
Preview 02a694cd fe14 42aa 933b 164c5ae2342b
72 points

Ok, now a serious one

Preview 632a69e7 b78f 4bdd 814b 6821225b3d03
84 points

I thought these were supposed to break away

Preview 1dc80149 c5b8 4c55 b27d ea4afebd4bf0
155 points

Someone is going to have a great weekend

Preview c6b62398 f00d 40ca b70f e65648660ccf
175 points

Romanian police arresting a tree

Preview e35851dd 8f9d 4cc5 8ab1 5cbb5970e970
168 points

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