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How about some proper respect for all of these civilian redneck hero's out saving lives?

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68 points

A Rainy day in Ponto-chō, Kyoto, Japan.

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13 points

College football fans make the best signs.

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20 points

Never skip leg day

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20 points

Trump ending DACA

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20 points

Not sure if I should be concerned or Texas.

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78 points

The new "make love not war"

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No, this is sexy, and 100 times cooler than that red vette...

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16 points

Body guards attack the lead singer for Red Hot Chili Peppers after mistakenly believing that he's a fan.

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24 points

He's the only one who gets it: He didn't vote for Potus, he didn't create a war, he didn't kill anyone, but his tax money did.

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24 points

This revolver.

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80 points

If it works it works

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Is her name carved into the leather seats?

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19 points

Just a normal day in murrica

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23 points

Sound advice if you ask me.

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15 points

That's some scary shit right there

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20 points

This car has an exhaust pipe?

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19 points

When the car next to you has better snacks.

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16 points

This sign

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19 points

Colombia it's the russia of america

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