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The heavily polluted Yangtze river: massive amounts of plastic pumped into the ocean every year

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During the Paletta International fire last night - the license plate says it all.

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I didn’t learn this in Drivers Ed.

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One of my employees found this while changing the trash today.

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74 points

My neighbor:passive aggressive or just aggressive?

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53 points

My friend took this picture at Burning Man

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75 points

Airplane wreck

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Sitting on the edge of an abandoned power plant's incinerator tower

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Nightfall Approaching in New York City on September 10, 2001

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Somewhere in Mumbai, India

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Polish guy got lost in woods, set fire so someone could locate him, and caused a fire that is impossible to stop now. In Bar, Montenegro.

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IRMA, what a bitch!

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Portal in to the better life

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12 points

Krillin died again.

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20 points

The shadow created by this cloud

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He can bearly move

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14 points

Just a cool wallpaper

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19 points

Avry unclean Car,

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163 points

Shots fired at the local butcher shop.

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