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Steeplechase fail

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First world problems

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66 points

This eagle

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This picture

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Bald Eagle

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Perfect timing

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As they went home, and I saw a duck walking on the water with paws!! Holy shit I thought...

Preview 2147d9ea b5e1 487a b117 bf1c13e02c65
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By the tip of its tail

Preview 30f53816 4775 4b08 8277 58186fee2712

Gorgeous Pool Room

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I asked if I could take their picture but should've known they wouldn't just smile for the camera.

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Brown trout taking a bug off the surface on the Pere Marquette in Michigan.

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Can I speak English?


Huge lines, super expensive, poor customer treatment, scams, low adherence to english, locals pissing on the streets and fake glamour

Preview d4664f94 61ba 40bf 92dc 8d57c249bc6e

Snapped these Terrapins riding a mighty hippo bull in Kruger National Park close to Satara Rest Camp Site.

Preview 2fa6efd9 b92a 452c bcc7 fdf29b21badc

The algae line on this gator

Preview 8c4cbe84 4325 41f9 8442 512590e9e7c9
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Idk if this qualifies for this sub, but it made my palms sweaty and every 'nope' sensor I have went off.


This duck doesn't give a fuck

Preview b5a5f1e1 bd22 49eb 9417 d0d5702f719e
9 points

Wtf are you looking for??

Preview cf588e85 d469 43a3 8b74 92e59704f5eb
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Mutant bird with six legs and feet

Preview 34404c5b f25d 4c3a b574 209c1507427e
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