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Huge lines, super expensive, poor customer treatment, scams, low adherence to english, locals pissing on the streets and fake glamour

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Snapped these Terrapins riding a mighty hippo bull in Kruger National Park close to Satara Rest Camp Site.

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The algae line on this gator

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Idk if this qualifies for this sub, but it made my palms sweaty and every 'nope' sensor I have went off.


This duck doesn't give a fuck

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Wtf are you looking for??

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Mutant bird with six legs and feet

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Injecting glow stick fluid in an egg


Love birds

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Could you imagine receiving this!!


I don't enjoy smelling you from across the gym

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Ice Prank on my girlfriend didn't work.

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Norfolk Broads today

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F**king green herons

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You had just one job

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Sitting in the "Devil's Armchair" at the top of the largest waterfall in the world


Tell me his story

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Oh shit...

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