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Don’t do it man...

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103 points

Finally, my signature scent is back in stock

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103 points

When your car gets stolen so your mate comes around with gifts to make you feel better.

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142 points

Selena Gomez Messaged MY Friend PRANK😂😂😂😂😂

148 points

Girls tell me I smell nice

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132 points

Local donut place making light of our nation's current trend

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114 points

Brass knuckles implant

Preview b36f45cc f029 4114 ba2e 02c1d73e38c6
70 points

Watching my girlfriend's tortoise while she's on vacation. She told me to keep him out of trouble.

Preview 16f2ef6e c49e 4d6a 8398 ac1b48648982
125 points

This doesn’t work with children

Preview 79c7a852 1ff6 4e64 93de 21d05b54b841
130 points

Best Maternity shirt ever.

Preview ce20c429 9bdd 4d93 ae29 827f8258a8c0
102 points

Mom trolls son about buying a Christmas tree!

97 points

Ah the fair...

Preview b73b9fbf 48a5 4be7 8df8 ad947a355df2
126 points

My brother told his teachers he'd be playing "Shape of You" at his graduation

155 points

What could possibly go wrong?

Preview ede9c913 af54 46c0 97ac e70fc8e55196
145 points

Meanwhile in Germany...International Beer Day

Preview 67ef57ab dee8 43c6 a805 f02f9e8cad9e
94 points

Toe transplant recipient holds chameleon and Arizona can.

Preview 6e8cb00a 4100 4bcd a48c 7ae596b0f319
115 points


Preview 499e9e2c d0f0 4035 a98b ba04dab38382
120 points


Preview 38492d53 fba7 41f4 8a31 1d8e4d4ed46c
110 points

Bum Magic by Claudia Rowe. A children's book

Preview fb53a13a 3cdd 4c7c 8022 bf332d7617b7
65 points

A whole new level of WTF.

Preview ed40afb5 403e 4805 8fe6 29d47473c24a
124 points

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