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He fried for our sins

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91 points

Gummy Bear sausages

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79 points

'murica f**k yeah

Preview 425bceaf 9d55 450f 9b30 b8c8f9f7ca24
54 points

I love babies, just don't think I could eat a whole one.

Preview 8ce13cee 5edc 4c69 baf5 bf4442ebfb49
55 points

*insert funny ham pun here*

Preview 1894235b 5355 49a9 b25c 2f45de82cd6f
60 points

Oh my god, that's beautiful

Preview c1c2a03f 2bb5 4260 ae63 faf54c27aed8
92 points

Are these parasites in my chicken???

Preview 96943590 64b7 423f 8384 ad91205f9739
14 points

Rarest pair of kicks I own

Preview 2897575b c1f2 4e5c bbe9 440a57e3acc1
93 points


Preview 45e24aef b544 4cab bbbc ef2500349652
101 points

Tell me!

Preview 53151a42 1483 442c 9061 080db897c800
21 points

Got the butcher by a funny angle

Preview 857123e4 294f 4573 a3ba 901c1d93ce23
20 points

One of my buddies is traveling in foreign lands and unknowingly ordered a potato with a side of potatoes.

Preview e61841c6 7b50 40da 801b 73dcc2997a99
46 points

Live long and ..?

Preview 95610bf2 1d31 4322 a7e7 e3ca8fb73c1b
23 points

My first LGBT experience

Preview 3f50042c d859 402d 86dc 9f2cfed2eb27
20 points

The one bite when you realize it isn't fish.

Preview 6780c89c 1f0e 43b7 a9d1 0623e0c49e1b
158 points

Best way to die you say?

Preview 4999b7c3 7f38 45a0 a35e 09220bdbe5fb
223 points

Kitchen Tip 101

Preview 97539ff2 9f21 40a6 9d3f 1e34cf6c8aa1
206 points

United Steak of America.

Preview 635fec67 7546 411f aac0 7790e1a1f282
173 points

Eat This Ramen In Less Than 20 Minutes, Earn $438!

Preview 929a1e83 a636 4764 a88b 08a1a14e0c4d
108 points

Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

Preview 77430a5b 2b87 4010 8faa fcd61f05fb36
234 points

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