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When you can’t do work

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Snapped a pic of the time change!

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Don't leave a bottled smoothie out of the fridge over the weekend

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93 points

Come on, Netflix. You can ask the question without the attitude.

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126 points

A sneaky boy

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0/10 would not recommend

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It is concerning when Zuckerbots wax figure looks more human than he does.

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127 points

The face of a defeated man

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109 points

Vandalizing an iStore

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88 points

I was a little nervous waking up on April Fool's morning, but I think the GF delivered appropriately.

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117 points

Airplanes: an altered manual

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103 points

Computer time’s over, ape!

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When your cat won't let you work

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The Stress Is Getting To Him

Preview 505c24af 2371 40bd 98e5 5ca75d6e74b8
82 points

Hey, Vsauce, Michael here!

Preview dff19c7c a4b8 48ab bed8 3eebd0e90c0d
290 points
Preview e4bce79d e460 47af 864e e19a30541503
156 points

My dad the artist. Going through a midlife crisis after a rough year and divorce, he decided to switch things up with his painting style. I

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130 points
Preview f8a6606c dbee 4a96 9b28 bb828885aa92
113 points

Someone asked for it

Preview a3e6a341 8108 4cf8 8a65 2ecb311cfd21
106 points

Has science gone too far?

Preview 5347f549 0c66 4af4 9840 9e3a6bace023
169 points

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