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Ruthless Geoffrey

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12 points

Used makeup app on my son and now he's a strong indipendent woman, who don't need No man

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203 points

From the bottom of my heart...

Preview b3238c62 ebf7 4383 a1aa c0755b96be4e
138 points

My wife bought a new toy for our dog.

Preview 5eb1bc5e acfe 45f2 bddf d3c86eaaeda5
181 points

Mama needs

Preview 4f09d299 cd5c 406b 97dd efca37bf39fd
225 points

My cat makes the same face when he's surprise hugged

Preview 7a5275e0 c8aa 4cff 8a3a 20397d3978a0
157 points

Having a moment

Preview fb25048a bcb7 47a1 8659 b16913a01646
136 points


Preview b91262a9 4b24 40d5 9199 85ce004c400e
144 points

Unexpected hug

Preview bd1a049b 4e2b 4456 bdfe 8e3dcf56f390
101 points

Told the wife I was going to get my ear pierced. She said absolutely not. Ordered a set of magnetic ones. She will flip when she gets home.

Preview 26a60874 8292 4df6 8253 9c200f7d6821
159 points

Meth ruins lives

Preview 38fece0a 1cec 4b06 a76f a724fb22b4b2
172 points

This guy is just as goofy in person

Preview 7acb765e da23 4112 bd4b bd8e4768fbb3
145 points

Redditor criminals be like.

Preview a44875bb 3910 400b 96c8 57aca30f72a0
109 points

Favorite customer

Preview 2bb18af5 068d 4e88 9a66 0409ab6f1590
105 points


Preview d92dbb30 b12b 4079 b6a1 a86da69a4836
161 points

Hate when that happens

Preview a69a5466 be25 41b6 9fd9 00dc274cd619
201 points

Shia Lebouf’s metamorphosis into Post Malone is complete.

Preview 5289cf7a bf36 414f bb84 201f20c64f13
206 points

The look that Elmo is giving with Scott behind him!

Preview dd1c3f56 ee63 4b30 8155 8572668d3cf6
168 points

How weak is ur self control?😅

Preview 9929536d 6db7 4a56 ae74 4f71c2845143
170 points

Truly inspiring quote from one from the greats 😃

Preview cb1efe97 f985 446b b195 c09d746ee768
134 points

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