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I do feel NASA is one of the few good government agencies that doesnt try to f**k people over

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Everybody get away from the table, I saw it first.

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I am 27 and this is how I feel when ****hub offers me videos with "mommy" who is 25yo

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A dog with it's own pop art portrait.

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My awesome rescue Thunder Dog!

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The bigger the doggo, the bigger the snoot. The bigger the snoot, the more the boops.

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When you have a party last night, and woke up in Kazakhstan

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Parenting 101

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Poor Tyler

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When you meet the guys who arrested you in the past but now you're white

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You eat that

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Why not

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Bleep bloop gleep glop

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Recovered so well. Mashmello.

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O.o but...wha...

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Pupper prepares to save Skyrim

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One ticket to hell please

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