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What type of haircut did the suspect have?

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99 points

He didn’t want our data... he just wanted to be our friend. Why couldn’t we all just be his friend?

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83 points

When you think criminal names aren't obvious enough.....

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84 points

4th grade yearbook pic.

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67 points

Found at my local antique shop

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72 points

"Lil Woody"

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78 points

Zach Braff shared this faceswap of himself and Dax Shepard on Twitter

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67 points

I see no difference.

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79 points

Copper, the destroyer of everything

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Disaster incoming

Preview aa8c844e 96c3 4bb1 ba30 41fa149de58d

Hair Maketh the Man

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80 points

Single? Still?

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79 points

Another star about to be named in #metoo scandal!

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62 points

Didney Worl

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67 points

April fools gone wrong...

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68 points

Happy Easter!

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72 points

Collection of April Fools Day pranks !

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63 points

Trying to play while I’m hanging out the washing.

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62 points

A moron shut down my hospital for 2 hours by bringing in an umbrella with a sword hilt handle. I reacted the best way I knew how, by making commemorative t-shirts for my whole department.

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98 points

Copper the Destroyer

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