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Going this fast doesn't take you to the Hogwarts Express though...

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63 points

Oh no

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76 points

We had quite a windy Valentine’s Day...

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119 points

Some next level snitchery

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59 points

Ditch Netflix be vintage

Preview 6ddb4131 719b 4993 8cd2 ac308bbfc454
68 points

iSmart's logo really thew me for a second.

Preview 0e7a50cf 879a 4aa5 b97a f93cdcc7a8c1
98 points

Parenting done right

Preview 21892aeb 2179 46d2 8cbf 83b9ec85bac5
95 points

There has to be an easier way.

Preview 12897eb2 3496 4ac4 aede 0de206d774e0
115 points

Bag of Flour

Preview c90389bc 09db 4088 b64f 1848847ff084
110 points

Crazy Posting Solutions Angry Scammer Lady Prank Call

22 points

Not the right place to put quotes

Preview f362eef5 38ea 406c bf6e f7a74a191634
54 points

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled...

Preview 6f6171ce 9544 40c7 94c6 50567bfea231
74 points

Homeland security wrote this in my passport. What does it mean?

Preview b448d0e2 4560 424e 98e5 3930679e274b
42 points

This 1902 ad for stain removal.

Preview ba31425a c165 4fe1 9a55 44ab14dc1f08
66 points

I'm confused

Preview 4114128c 3072 4680 9f6e 5064f5702f88
44 points

A girl with a cardboard and a marker

Preview 85da80ca fb5a 4886 925b cd88bc350cb0

Well, I guess I'm going to Cleburne...

Preview 74e423b6 85d3 46a4 8a72 d3069e176652
81 points


90 points

Honesty Is the Best Policy.

Preview 32f9ae1a 60d2 4425 9898 576adc7fb1e9
16 points

This was on my amazon box

Preview b0de2c87 b237 4099 ac33 3d72a41670d3
56 points

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