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A friend of mine just sent me this picture telling me that his mom bought vegetable seeds at a discounter and that's what she got after planting them.

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This plant looks like it was kicked in the nuts and spit out a branch.

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24 points

Take my money !

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This plant looks like it was kicked in the nuts

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This water reached hot anyway

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Eastern Europe will understand

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Do You Smoke In Front Of My Daughter?


What kind of plant is this

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Glass Pipes vs Cinder Blocks


A GOOD BUG IS A DEAD BUG ! And they come back.

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Didn't expect Snoop & Larry to be so great together.


Roses are red, yellow is lemon pie...

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If I were a plant.

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Aubrey Plaza Smokes Pot With The Weed Nuns Maybe The Most Offensive Video For The Catholics


Whats you opinion on weed?

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It's something

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Insert funny here*

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The wooki I need him

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A friend asked me to mind his houseplant for a few days. I hope he likes the makeover I gave it

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Dank boii

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