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Went to a friend’s house, this was his shower...

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When japan starts to make atomic bombs

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Just a typical powerline junction in Thailand

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10 points

This kills the Tahoe

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7 points

This man doesn't love his kids

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14 points

These $50 carabiners have a security lock even though you can just unhook them

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15 points

Cassius Plays With Visual Illusion In New “Go Up” Video Featuring Pharrell And Cat Power

19 points

Guess I'm not getting my oil changed.

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Spent the afternoon installing these. My wife, ladies and gentlemen.

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15 points

How to hide a cellphone tower in Arizona.

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So, this isn't how you're supposed to paint prep your vehicle?

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18 points

My new bike (:

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PSA: They make buttons for this now.

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5 points

My Hardball

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11 points

Remember this?

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9 points

A map of the internet in 1995

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8 points

He got a point

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1 points

Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato

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Thunder! nananana nana na na Thunder!

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