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Watch Light's Killing Spree In Action Packed 'Death Note' Trailer


That could've been much worse

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4 points

My Valentine boys

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This Xbox One X Trailer Revealed At E3 Lets You Immerse Into True 4K Gaming

152 points

Windmills then vs now

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Rate my setup

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142 points
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124 points

I take the turret. who will drive?

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I think we found the problem

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Only in Germany, stickers who remembers you how fast you're allowed to drive with the tyres on your car

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207 points

What Do I Win?

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John Oliver Is Here To Prove That Donald Trump Can't Shake Hands Right


A lady in my office kicked my charger. I asked her to plug it back. She was kind enough to do so.

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278 points

Modern slavery

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114 points

I think this guy has got his wires crossed

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85 points

For my pun lovers

Preview 6e5b3d85 316f 4acc ac6b 4ad122568afb
79 points

Bond,james bond ?

Preview e4e1b0ba b37c 4902 abdb 8e47a96d58c0
270 points

No chill - paint job

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