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Well that's an interesting request

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106 points

A bald eagle flips upside down in mid air

Preview 52b91ced 1fb5 4d40 90cc baaa2ce67159

Made me laugh. Wanted to share with you.

Preview bc612801 2595 496d 8286 193b903c046e
79 points

This leopard sneezing

Preview d2cbb6e7 26e3 4907 a689 4efe5eae3e22

Tala needed to see over the fence anyway she could.

Preview d1ca4b55 a871 439a a1be 6a56c7839675

Whatcha got there?

Preview a698faba 3bb9 4246 b7a5 4c2a131ca6c8
85 points

Hakuna matata

Preview 2c477c55 d73f 4646 8f8a 0de494309e88
70 points

Young Melanie Griffith with her pet lion.

Preview 3b3784c5 be8b 4eec 91cb d8d76b461330
81 points

Winnie-the-Pooh and Insanity Wolf too

Preview b4cf2896 059a 4cfb b0cf 90ad0466a90d
121 points

WTF is that thing!?

Preview dfef1486 a70d 4369 8ba9 4799becda359
48 points

Found this in a box of rags

Preview 9e633393 fa59 4463 bad3 6dc82809b2f8
63 points

Looks great

Preview 64f04de3 4320 4729 a0db 65947f619c73
89 points

The end is nigh...

Preview bc15c889 5add 4617 8740 a5c6d45d42ea
33 points

Lion Brutally Attacks One of it’s Own

Preview 26ca909c 0dc8 4cb4 bf35 953e06cea90b
108 points

American Bald Eagle changing path mid-flight after seeing a new target

Preview c482f32f f7c0 4fa6 9f96 405fb7c69813

Lion Yawn

Preview fdf1e223 c5e4 4a6e bd69 775c77722cc0

Mission completed!!!

Preview a8066d14 ab24 407e 9819 896490005588
109 points

When your girlfriend says she's fat

Preview 98ba487e ce94 4213 a807 50d218f3b942
85 points

Loan Wolf

Preview 53207543 5775 4a04 ba83 372c594c8aec
82 points

No one can hide the semester

Preview f6ce6298 daa2 48dc a499 a8c0dafa8036
68 points

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