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Burglar prank on dog

60 points

Review of "Young Sheldon" in the University of Rochester student newspaper

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74 points


90 points

Russia 101

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19 points

GoT Cast Then VS Now

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Canadian Riots

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48 points

That's true :")

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17 points

Good thinking

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13 points

Tinfoil hats! Get your tinfoil hat here!

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18 points

Republican senator claims human body heat causes climate change

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11 points

Lol you tell her jack

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20 points

Dark . . . dark . . . dark

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16 points

Stupid American metric system

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19 points

Anyone who says they don't is a damn liar

Preview 10cfb8d6 a007 43f9 9a69 f7834153fab9
20 points

I Guarantee That Baby..

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16 points

Can not argue

Preview a5943799 1752 43c0 8f66 e374ad76cb8c

It's the m'urican way

Preview b2400649 21df 4045 a507 d83cea124707
17 points

No human can decipher this one

Preview 61085046 cfd4 46b3 9c45 d53911818bea
104 points

Crushing 1500 Sheets Of Paper With Hydraulic Press Is Making The Soft Sheets Hard As Stone

133 points

To be fair he did nothing wrong when you think about it

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74 points

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