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Canadian Riots

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Anyone who says they don't is a damn liar

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I Guarantee That Baby..

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Can not argue

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It's the m'urican way

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No human can decipher this one

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85 points

Crushing 1500 Sheets Of Paper With Hydraulic Press Is Making The Soft Sheets Hard As Stone

15 points

To be fair he did nothing wrong when you think about it

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20 points

Cringe overload

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Cruel world ..

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That b*tch can't be serious

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As a russian , I understand how ugly is politics.People don't even have clue. We are all people. all equal.

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My mother was notorious for throwing me under the bus.

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The breathing makes it worse -


July 16th is coming

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4 points

Roses are Red, Don't drive in the Fog,

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$$$ Work 100%!! $$$

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How close have you come to this in the Wal-Mart parking lot?

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Some good jokes for you

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As Long as The Movie Trailer is Good to me I will Watch it

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