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Since many of you wanted Gyllenhaal

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114 points

lol I was horrible helping in group projects

Preview 4800d064 6879 439a b7e2 aea9797b8c6a
171 points

Big titted chilenian Laura Luna Rabo

Preview fac41f70 49a4 4673 b35f 81685d74efca

So much going on

Preview 1d569f04 37e0 42e3 9f17 77f202ce11bd
122 points

Not the wine! X-post from r/holdmycosmo.

Preview 0837fb01 3fcf 4feb 97b8 edd76ba0c5c5
100 points

I paused Fox News to Go to the Kitchen

Preview e772db1c 12ee 42d3 8576 279851abfe69
124 points


Preview 9fff591a 1216 40ea bf5a 3193ff31d5f8
143 points

Anyone on tinder now?

Preview 8a143ea0 e24e 45ba a3f4 6ae968826735
89 points

Me: *saves the game* My brain:

Preview 6c79796f 339d 4021 a9b5 64244238d550
111 points

Our smile is real

Preview a8f14d3f 355f 4c63 936c bdea9c9cf638
108 points

When relatives say, “we’ll lose touch” if I delete Facebook

Preview 17275abc 5446 4c5b 8294 1bf578bd40c8
121 points

Everything is interrelated

Preview a937b569 3250 4d2b b9d4 e93e0c5c0f07
95 points

Nothing really

Preview c59f6c33 b244 4671 8bd2 290b021a86aa
118 points

Big titted chilenian Laura Luna Rabo

Preview fac41f70 49a4 4673 b35f 81685d74efca

Ton's o' Titties Gettin' Stormy

Preview c48df2e7 c3e2 4522 87ee 0a5bc8927cb6
180 points

Can someone translate this?

Preview bf8bb6ad c657 408d 8992 6603f89b7e43
100 points

She totally busted me trying to take a candid at a Renaissance Faire

Preview c869f192 1cd9 481c a0fa 8734bbfdef78
116 points

Do I have permission to call her buttcrack?

Preview b600b701 1533 454a a97d f637750b8b35
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