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Be careful when inviting war hero's to give a talk at your school!

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133 points

F**king Twilight

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84 points

Free will

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60 points

Early 1900's Santa Claus

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81 points

I know why the caged bird sings

Preview 6bc34e40 e2c7 438f 98ca f545807461d1
85 points

A beautiful image for a difficult moment (¡¡Fuerza México!!)

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75 points

Failed marketing ploys

Preview 90aa3824 6c76 4804 a052 95df425330bb
59 points

Appreciate the small stuff.

Preview fa4b4b2f c157 4d1d af8a 068425ca7dfc
68 points

Just rereading my Far Side books and found this gem that my younger self never caught the meaning of

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124 points


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129 points


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90 points

Most stressful 10 seconds of my life

Preview 49aee9ad 95d1 4ac5 8e62 209527cafe8a
110 points

Review of "Young Sheldon" in the University of Rochester student newspaper

Preview 35f83966 3708 414c a7d5 f11204910983
84 points

Have you ever seen an article more accurate?

Preview 7267da4d 10f8 411b 9efa 67f7171e6fab
63 points

Mama mia

Preview d5aff7e7 74c1 497c 86e6 b2b2cf954070
72 points

A picture hanging inside a carpet store in Georgia

Preview 14f1d9b2 3ffe 4ec9 b5d9 a527e550d874
77 points

If you've got the time...

Preview c5b40157 9d9d 4537 a1ce 8fe97446e248
72 points


Preview 524de0b7 7de7 423e 842e 11fdd6aa29cb

Where The White Man Went Wrong

Preview 4289e1e2 e73d 44a0 8a79 766db2e222c7
74 points

El Cucuy was real though.

Preview 58c9cf04 e5be 4dda 8d29 f95e853620e8
62 points

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