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Same time next week

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Assailant..."slipped and fell"

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Yeesh, way to ruin a night

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At least you tried

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47 points

Upside down is a matter of perspective.

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13 points

Son of Odin does not beg for help!

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Well this is awkward

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Seems there is a solution for everything...

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14 points

This is real art.

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14 points

I gues my friend knows how to use pen.

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Starting to post one Rumi quote every day. #002

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Halloween party??

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Long distance gaming

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I posted this five years ago on facebook, still relevant.

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Posting one Rumi quote every day. #002

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Rumi quote #001

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13 points

Wonder Women drawn by my wife. What do you think?

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But yet, piglet follows along

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Sat down with a sketchbook and started drawing my living room

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