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Canadian Riots

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18 points

Unless that cow is Skyrim and your name is Todd Howard.

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I don't want da... wait what ?

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2 points

Never thought about it untill now

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2 points

I will create my own religion with blackjack and hookers !

Preview 3766cd9c c121 40f4 9b9b 7dd524dd0cf8
3 points

All my dreams were lies

Preview 0bdde3c9 a6fd 446c b021 dd16bcdd23f9
3 points

Cruel world ..

Preview da155cbf a89e 4a52 8f6d 509fd10900f3
2 points

Make Preußen Great again!

Preview e83430ed 9a54 41d6 96fc 0f6e08e97de3
1 points

It's Easter. Here's Jesus getting his nails painted.

Preview 96f8642b 20aa 458b b589 a4083b583adb
2 points

I will never learn to be patient.

Preview 05444dd1 2a4f 422d 87d7 bdddf4b9ddd2
2 points

For honor in a nutshell

Preview a260655e 973c 4637 9ae0 67a4c75716d0
3 points

When you get a new game and its hard as hell

Preview b157ddf1 0bb2 4e8e 8ba6 8c02aef3fca1
1 points

Going back in time wouldn't be all it's cracked up to be.

Preview ef8cae98 493d 408d 8094 12a7e9ee16bb
3 points

The jig is up

Preview fa52205e 74c2 4a80 9909 1e98a110705c
1 points

Just Jesus getting his nails did.

Preview c658d0d7 e1b4 4c44 b45e cd1824d5c963
3 points

Bruh. This just isn't right

Preview 2ba7c8c4 8b99 4d9b b5dd 6fda991f705f
3 points

Remember Hey Arnold?! This is him now, feel old yet???

Preview cb2f1338 4d69 4fa2 ba5f b2bf9b047714

How close have you come to this in the Wal-Mart parking lot?

Preview 84994a7f 537b 4b44 928d 60fec2ac0423
4 points

When the friendzone hits you

Preview db97c723 646e 4c12 97ae 5603a0367e95
7 points

Them ninjas..

Preview e8b16f28 d4f6 4bd1 8cc2 152597cea1c6
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