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79 points

Need ideas to prank asshole boss

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76 points

No, you don't get to choose

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90 points

How to get first place in a science fair caw caw.

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112 points

Thanos never even saw it coming

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65 points

2010 is the only year that matters

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107 points

They forgot the ad that appears over the whole screen.

Preview c08aecc6 402e 4c9e 8a3e 3e6252c5006c
118 points

In honor of National Bugs Bunny day.

Preview 5fe2e88d aa36 4baf ae7d f8bf4c27dd54
95 points

How will we waste time in the apocalypse?

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101 points

"Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history"

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95 points


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The Simpsons got another prediction right again....

Preview 2586f279 4391 4e7e 9d0a 25c052ec45bb
101 points

Not wrong...

Preview 664ab89e 9e6d 4c03 8e3b d82cb1ba55fc
97 points

Clifford is an asshole!!

Preview 7530d276 7c0e 4b1d 9dd8 2aa4c7acbf94
81 points

"Spider-Man watches as you clean and scrub!"

Preview 8f5ac9b0 1016 4748 854e e4363619b876
107 points

Fake News

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79 points

Just wrote down what you know

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86 points

This gambling machine I saw in Mexico

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86 points

Not sure if context could save this.

Preview 53e246a4 c7cf 4db6 b318 446576e5c6ef
103 points

Oh Kermit, what have you done?

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