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Hair Metal in a nutshell

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145 points

Why would you flash an old lady anyway?

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123 points

be careful with your wishes

Preview ffc09b1e d0c3 4d22 810d a2f696859f0b
164 points

struggle is real

Preview 79dccf3e 628a 4fcb 8ae9 40d7f1674e18
115 points

:) how to win

Preview ac40fe24 c137 40fc 9992 98d33ad28244
167 points

For all the White Knights working on their Covert Contracts

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258 points

Photo taken during IRMA

Preview 525cc219 e446 4941 a62f dd505d04b543
175 points

Andy I think I have a crush on my teacher

Preview a7a93df3 1baa 4725 aad8 39a032a1aaf4
171 points

Being a High School match teacher.

Preview 7af44541 0bc1 49e6 8558 fc5664740dc9
158 points

Fun for the whole family

Preview caec59f4 025d 4a4d bf05 e045304bc3ee
116 points

He's not wrong

Preview 9c58a6a3 5db6 440e ab8b 1f4b0448b12e
141 points

Every damn time

Preview d58b610a 51f2 4687 97cc 6571716fcf80
111 points

We’re going to the Internet🤪

Preview f184621b 5bdc 475a 917f 7f1bb138f312
126 points

The overlooked princess

Preview 754f9cd3 271a 4183 aa88 da0423e2ffb0
92 points

Not again...

Preview 3fc16df1 59bc 44f8 8906 2f53cc01b8ca
122 points

Reminder that on this day, 28 years ago, Jon Arbuckle drank dog semen

Preview 4e7404ec d011 43c2 a9d7 7099776ccace
91 points

If I could bill a doctor for every time they made me wait...I’d be rich

Preview 2b41ba29 4991 4afb 9f3a b28645a964e9
110 points

I may never need to post again

Preview 27cbbc25 68a0 4c3a 8ae5 3e3153c6aad7
79 points

Oldest Man Alive

Preview 1f3521df f48b 4061 a57d 17dc169ca975
106 points


Preview 07341074 2d0a 436e b196 2900c0342efe
109 points

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