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Itsa me Ma....!

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46 points

In light of the Manchester bombing

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7 points

Early History of Chivalry in Medieval Sweden

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Where is Ted?

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8 points

Canadian Riots

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22 points

Unless that cow is Skyrim and your name is Todd Howard.

Preview 5f4d9c00 332a 4b5a 9d13 609f96cf931f

I've seen "things" in Fresh. A lot of things....

Preview f4d846c7 42e0 4624 975a ee7ee2ba4c1d
9 points

We all have our own kind of problems

Preview 98df8d44 67c2 40cb b590 f73b03aa126a
7 points

Tinfoil hats! Get your tinfoil hat here!

Preview a7521d07 0e91 49a1 a04d 82c31a975c24
10 points

Loki :')

Preview 6180473d 542e 47a8 b1f9 20b52e3c7d4a
5 points

Lol you tell her jack

Preview d883bfea 0f79 4ae5 a223 eda0f2e86173
8 points

We know

Preview 38a93db1 628f 422a b522 29f976f21fbd
5 points

Life's a circle of *urrrrp* shit Morty

Preview 8d185656 3cfd 4d4a a939 1c46e105fc7b

Because I'm Batman.

Preview 0d8f9540 8cb2 45bc 9f2d 089442f7e0cc
88 points

I don't want da... wait what ?

Preview c5fad87b 8e60 4545 b4fb 0014c845dac3
6 points

Never thought about it untill now

Preview 3b276300 c982 49e9 9a5c e1bd3269998d
15 points

I will create my own religion with blackjack and hookers !

Preview 3766cd9c c121 40f4 9b9b 7dd524dd0cf8
8 points

All my dreams were lies

Preview 0bdde3c9 a6fd 446c b021 dd16bcdd23f9
12 points

Cruel world ..

Preview da155cbf a89e 4a52 8f6d 509fd10900f3
6 points

Make Preußen Great again!

Preview e83430ed 9a54 41d6 96fc 0f6e08e97de3
8 points

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