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Hey Hey H-aarreerrekkkkkggghhhh

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12 points

Fun for the whole family.

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72 points

I was...too late

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72 points

Amen to that.

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84 points


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66 points

Wauconda Illinois since the release of Black Panther

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88 points

Dick from 3rd rock is cool af.

Preview 4e1d1a3a 0bb4 49ff a334 5a18144e31cb
90 points

Double standards.

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73 points


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84 points

When she asks you to open the jar of pickles

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58 points

Oh crap!

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50 points

The Soviet-Chinese propaganda posters seem to be the story of a beautiful interracial gay couple who met in a metallurgical, got married and had beautiful childrend and a farm

Preview 7cc58d45 c4d2 468e a63a c57f07eba06a
66 points

Yup, the older I get, the weirder math gets

Preview ea7fe380 6c58 43cf bbe8 9332a5ce785e
50 points

I'm tired of being an adult

Preview e614ab5d 9eaf 4166 868d 5ecd09c49b2b
45 points

A good way to start the year

Preview 722fb41c 81ff 4b68 ae38 4903627943d0
70 points

Incest Ben

Preview 002a7d43 a724 4dbf 9542 e7b61842ee68
43 points

Beavis and Butthead is running this state

Preview bee53752 1f95 4e2f a5fd a801a76d81f8
62 points

Makes sense...now my childhood is ruined. Thanks Disney!

Preview f92445ae fd78 40d2 a5f4 f8d1e47e94a4
96 points

Old but too good

Preview 1131d655 24bf 4f72 a859 6e56ea08c2bb
93 points

What time is it?

Preview 65eb67ef c15e 48ee 8d6b 8494ba7c4b30
107 points

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