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I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy seals

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68 points

The size of this moth

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80 points

I have questions...

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97 points

When you have a big print job and your printer is cursed...

Preview 57debca2 b994 473c 8b4a 6767bb41f2e0

When your cat won't let you work

Preview b416c8e0 1663 4999 baeb 559354af76ea

The cafe where I work got broken into. The thief was greeted by this note I left inside the register.

Preview 8ff196d8 b8b5 489e a27b 341b4ebc1bf2
79 points

Chainsmokers in a nutshell

Preview 05df842d 619f 4ef0 85ac 77726920f0b0
65 points

What a good excuse for not completing homework

Preview 1041726a 3ff9 4e42 a8e0 80ba63ad0aaf

You think they made a mistake, but this is just clever advertising

Preview c1502b52 1015 4dc5 8603 088a2e5af04d
105 points

A amazon reviewer was trying to show how roomy this litter box is...

Preview 0913aab9 807c 4d9b 94cb 2817881d3c15
97 points

How to prank an office that just got a new copier

Preview 951e5430 10ce 4757 a11b ed0d14d20753
110 points

... But I only needed one sheet!

Preview e6e44a3e 277a 4705 bc49 18ace586ca15
53 points

My husband sent me this picture. This is happening in the parking lot next to his truck.

Preview 842d4898 51a0 412f b988 05159bc92826
86 points

Nicely Done LEGO Printer Is Amazing

250 points

How To Fix A Printer Like A Boss Is What You Must Learn!

318 points

Hooman, how many times I haz told you I like anchovies?

Preview 92cb12dc 5000 45ae 8511 f315423c36e4

Cool gaming mouse.

Preview 4d9e5a94 26ca 41ec aeb5 9f30fc7f7f7f
127 points

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