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Missed encounter

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“Let the boy watch”

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24 points

When your cellular data shoots your shot for you

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104 points

Anon builds a gaming pc

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Where are you?

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Reference chart for Mondays

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I take that as a challenge

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20 points

Pretty accurate

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Raising awareness for male privilege.

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Did I tell you I saw The Dark Tower?

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For F**k sakes Susan

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16 points

Today was my turn to post this! (Not Mine)

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18 points

I mean, what are the odds?

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How you do it

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16 points

Anon converts wife to PC

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The more you know...

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23 points

It can talk to ghosts.

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Somehow my number got posted to a directory for students to be able to contact their teachers. Been getting hit up by students left and right so started trolling. I regret this one

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Life as a video game.

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