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Time to trim the bush.

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91 points

Coca-cola Brand Strawberry.

Preview f69c820a f552 4875 88c3 8dee585311e3
55 points

“Poor Man’s Lobster”

Preview 61555b44 9870 4098 80f6 29ce1cbd5b4f
92 points

Exactly what I wanted my hair to smell like

Preview 913fb0fe 58f1 470b 8731 d61669a5dde7
56 points

The marketing folks at ALDI are gods.

Preview f8d88f3a b68a 41f6 a87c 4dfb8a9ab74d
92 points

i hope it's a dog

Preview a740458d 8b10 438f a68b f5a24b0e07c7
23 points

Car through the trees

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Preview bced2496 9829 4e63 a607 4f7ee6cea225
117 points

Disgustingly cute

Preview daba7e16 0fca 4a60 86aa 28ade2f8467a
95 points

The clearest photo of the blood moon.

Preview 7e2c6a62 706d 4453 a2f3 61a15d22e2ce
94 points

I had a falling out with my girlfriend, and she...

Preview cd7c20ad eb6c 40b9 9f21 e2b37f8a9f5c
96 points

Story of my life

Preview c7513421 0a0a 424a b680 1fedcc6955e3
82 points

The dragon pumpkin :)

Preview 401d3960 86ba 43b3 9a23 99e3c7a26974
69 points

Layered Bologna Cake with mayonnaise and mustard icing.

Preview 350526bb 7e05 4702 89ad 1fe9c074e30c
44 points

That's some expensive Lacoste Bread!

Preview b6493626 71e1 48c9 be4b 4e647f3948db
79 points

Missing engagement ring found on garden carrot 13 years later

Preview 2d16f6c5 f5ca 475b 80e4 86d8237f602e
66 points

I will never understand people who put pizza on pineapple.

Preview 88905ca1 4c2e 46c3 8b7e 1186ec97bdee
119 points


Preview 6a4695a0 9435 44ec 8b50 fe5d35995d2b
104 points


Preview 8343d80c 2332 4e19 b023 d192974b548f
60 points

Visiting Grandma

Preview b5ec1365 1bec 4554 9378 aacf0e00f141
91 points

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