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Banks hate this man!

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21 points

Things will get better!

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71 points


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How am I supposed to believe what you say if you behave like a child?

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21 points

Two types of whamen

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65 points

Damn right

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56 points

Run! bi*ches run!!!!

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16 points

Marilyn Manson

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52 points

Please don't drink your piss!

Preview b2036e7f 3268 4a31 af3d 4481f207bc20
14 points

Unless someone noticed that you ain't blinking, you're in dreamland

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14 points

But only whites owned slaves right?

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20 points

My mate found this in an elevator on a construction site

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64 points

And then you trying to find it in sheets...

Preview ceaf67b9 e92f 49a8 b774 7a82b56cf8eb
69 points

Disloyal Man's Story (part 1)

Preview 040b9a1f 844f 40b8 9d6f 1d6b13bc3f34
20 points

Life hacks

Preview 3056d743 ad1c 401f a3d4 0460ed143326
54 points

If only birds were a bit bigger

Preview dcd2d51d 781d 4085 952b 9ab5faa0a038
21 points

Hanging out, down the street...

Preview b4c1841e e4e3 434d 8209 6be32b5d6ac4
73 points

This appropriate advert on the other page

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21 points

Oh the irony....

Preview b7f7ca93 a491 4b2c 8570 6fcbf7561b7c
69 points

Sometimes I like to smell my farts.

Preview 76fbdc83 1c02 456a 8098 ba35362b5a1e
20 points

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