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Just put some cow dung on your phones!

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16 points

Old woman’s picture comically places next to this

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55 points

My 8 year old couldn't find his beloved teddy bear; turns out he accidentally left him at my Dad's house. This is the text my Dad sent to let us know he found the bear......

Preview a16a534c f4bf 420f 94da afd367cc84a0
69 points


Preview 2792aa40 f47a 41de 9ac3 7cf44f243dec
66 points

You had one job...

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75 points

Im a law breaker

Preview 1a3c8d6a d779 4782 832d c5492ec660d5
87 points

The Portable Masturbation Hut

Preview ef61c9af 0dd4 4c3a bedb dcb9a9866980
90 points

This phone book of Ketchum, Idaho.

Preview af575092 7b31 4ae8 9579 60f5787508e9
68 points

Not the kind of famous you'd want to be...

Preview 435cc051 7994 4412 83a2 84f405539021
71 points

This rude young boy sitting on my biology papers

Preview 22f1e633 a5f4 4fba a9c6 92cc9fe1d4ae

Intense riots in Canada

Preview 2c9157ac 928c 4a15 933c ad4b7a0f34c2
87 points

Logical Spock is logical.

Preview 558ad608 b386 4923 85b9 9a7ca36a450a
81 points

I thought it was only a West thing

Preview a06266d3 497b 4c8a aea0 90d36ed2d85a
20 points

My wife’s grandmother broke up with her teenage boyfriend by telegram and kept a copy all these years

Preview a4627646 51d3 4bdf 85f6 be0f91de182e
17 points

Damn you Jesus!

Preview c1a7de05 1a39 4586 9ef1 3262ec0ebd73
17 points

My uncle's a firefighter. One of the kids they rescued drew up a thank you note...

Preview b0f3a386 c7ae 444e b6b5 83b97e5bcd1f
47 points

That must really throb

Preview fd982ebf ca5c 4640 ba32 88101cda16b6
21 points


Preview 1dd1d687 cd48 4824 86ad 457e0096ab1d
18 points

What is seen cannot be unseen

Preview c0cbf877 50ec 4666 bde2 698f81d1c02d
68 points

Proud "Virgin"

Preview 3afd0a6b ef33 4e5a b70b 5e3a0d604ce9
19 points

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