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It's really slow at work.

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116 points

A volunteer at our local cat rescue turned on the vacuum

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102 points

I don't wanna talk about it...

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The school said each kid had to bring a printed photo of the family preparing the recipe of the requested item. Our kid got Coke and my husband delivered.

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77 points

Cool room under a busy pub. Kegs and tubing for all beers on tap.

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100 points

Comrade is back

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57 points

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign...

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99 points

Talkative friend funny

93 points

It took me a few seconds before I realized the joists weren't painted white!

Preview d1817e9f fa08 4ff6 92e7 6af6c3f60e24
68 points

Gold Coast mother found one of the deadliest snakes on the planet in her son's playroom, wrapped around his LEGO set

Preview 9bd8bb2a 9e64 4dc7 bd6b 16aacad8ca42
100 points

814 MW Steam Turbine I commissioned in the Netherlands. Runs on 275bar/597°C steam at 634kg/s at base load. (Upload for deez_noots)

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88 points

Bunch of prop legs ordered for a haunted house

Preview 2f1ad076 e300 4f34 8622 7f1af883951e
80 points

Local electrician does all houses like this, the plumber too.

Preview 133123a7 498f 45d3 bcde ecd18b4f739d
80 points

What is my purpose?

Preview 08b7485a 724f 4620 9bdd 191b6d944406
83 points

Woman grocery shopping in Venezuela as the economic crisis continues.

Preview 1764c775 dc75 4362 a42a b6d8224db1ec
184 points

Another pic of the apartment I delivered to today

Preview aee8acfd ed17 49ae bbad c8398403246f
61 points

Frozen toilet paper section!

Preview a0307e78 ddfe 4504 baad f144151458fe
81 points

Lavender Harvest

Preview dbdda2c1 d7b8 40fd 9364 e73f1a4e341c
98 points

Just some things you see doing foundation inspections in LA

Preview 86fe8c4d 5c10 4dd1 beb1 cf69af7d5d08
83 points

Slide in berlin mall

Preview 73ddce3f ca16 499a b59b d094cfdc4d59
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