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After a pilot's first combat mission.

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This is what a dictator looks like

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You've heard of Peter Cottontail, now let me introduce you to Henry Hammerdick

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Alaska: The place where you can't get off the plane because there is a polar bear between you and the terminal.

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What I expect from this sub

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Inside a bird's gullet.

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Stunt pilot restarts his single engine in the nick of time


Let us never forget

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Here in Idaho, we grow the BEST potatoes.

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Dog logic: Go to window and stand on the table barking to get inside rather then the door.

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It's called the "Come Here" side table

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This great shot.

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One question: how?

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Nuff said

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Just a plane fan

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Windmills then vs now

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For my pun lovers

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My drone crashed after 2 minutes of flying :/

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