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I work in a restaurant. Got this weird ass ‘tip’ tonight....

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Somebody going to have trouble finding their truck at the boat ramp

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72 points

My niece’s veil blew off. But they caught it

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204 points

*Patient slips Doctor a $20 bill*. “How about u knock me out again!”

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139 points

"2018 Patriotism" - my friends answer when I asked what this was

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Requested a photo of James Earl Jones for my hotel room. 5 star customer service

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High school classmate posted this on IG today - 🤮

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He’s stuck between the window and the bars.

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A little bit bigger than most rooms, but that ceiling is to beautiful not to share.

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52 points

No nut to butt

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86 points

So fuckin true

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Cartoons paused at the perfect moment

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I'm guessing he tells people "My Volvo is built like a tank..."

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I think I found Sid from Toy Story's car.

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My daughter stole her brother’s favorite toy and gave him a makeover

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Thor is about to nail Thanos

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87 points

Presidential Suite in Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Chicago

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Beach ball perfect timing

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