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78 points

Boom headshot

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107 points

Finished my Infinity Gauntlet for my next cosplay

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101 points

Haute Couturepuss.

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81 points

Found some bullet holes in my office window...

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107 points

Joan Rivers dedicates her book to someone special

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94 points

First Presbyterian Church, Stamford, CT, USA

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58 points

Spotted at the bus stop. I have questions...

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83 points

Workers completing the Epcot globe. No visible safety harnesses

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Just got a new shower curtian. I hope my kids like it

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102 points

Ice shoves its way into cottage

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89 points

Bubble Hotel, Allauch France,

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65 points

Every year on good Friday this man comes into our Bar dressed up as a Roman soldier

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63 points

This guy is waiting for my fiancée in the bathroom, she gets up for work at 5:45am

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73 points

Kevin, I don’t think that was weed

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70 points

That is my worst dream

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86 points

Such class

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103 points

Walking around Yangshuo, China, was a bit surprised to see the name for this brand of sunglasses...

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82 points

4032 x 3024.

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53 points

The eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines on June 15, 1991

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