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Not mine, I just translated this pic from an italian meme page. Probably they stole it but whatever

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Saw this post on FB ....... kudo's to these hackers

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I love the future

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United States Education In a nutshell

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19 points

Change the game

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Truth has been spoken

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11th September 2001.

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"Probably hasn't even seen all the movies. "

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Not new but totally accurate

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Well she ask for it

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24 Hilarious Porn Parody Titles That Prove Nothing Is Sexier Than Puns

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Overly attached Daisy

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Kids section in this book shop.

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In my country, cheap puppies cost 1000$

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13 points

Animals on road

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89 points

Mind blown

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Well... they do have a point...

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Morning rum

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