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Dogs are not allowed!!!!

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my parents new puppy and kitten seem to be getting along

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I just need a quick nap.

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My first ever post. Hope you guys like it.

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I guess I just won’t check my email?

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Best door mat ever

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Mexican marine dogo "Frida" helps to locate persons burried by the earthquake

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16 points

This badass navy rescue dog helping victims of Mexico's earthquake. Her name is Frida.

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Cute doggo bloppin'

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I heard screaming, I wanted to make sure you're pooping

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Gotta get that cheesecake

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Fun day out in the grass

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133 points

Just a freshly bathed doggo

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19 points

This wasn't planned

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19 points

I'm not like him ..

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86 points

So Agent F did it ?

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16 points

Doog goge.

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When your parents try FaceTime for the first time

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