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I can't even...

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Clearly my dog loves her birthday present

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Wake up call..

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Men in Black


This dog looks cracked but I do like pugs bit to small for me though

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Tried to take a picture with my dog.

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I don't see the problem

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He was sleeping but when I took this picture he woke up scared of his own fart. the owner and I shared a laugh though!

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Don’t look at me like that

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Dogs are not allowed!!!!

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my parents new puppy and kitten seem to be getting along

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I just need a quick nap.

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My first ever post. Hope you guys like it.

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I guess I just won’t check my email?

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Best door mat ever

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Dumb dog gets to choose between $100 or 1 chicken nugget


Mexican marine dogo "Frida" helps to locate persons burried by the earthquake

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24 points

This badass navy rescue dog helping victims of Mexico's earthquake. Her name is Frida.

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Cute doggo bloppin'

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