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Mexican marine dogo "Frida" helps to locate persons burried by the earthquake

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13 points

This badass navy rescue dog helping victims of Mexico's earthquake. Her name is Frida.

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20 points

Cute doggo bloppin'

Preview 3560c9d1 9cc3 4d1e 881a 2975ddf4513c
19 points

I heard screaming, I wanted to make sure you're pooping

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10 points


Preview 138fd7ab 64db 423e 88d9 2361d9099301
16 points

Gotta get that cheesecake

Preview b1382a1e 918f 4e09 b73c db7c0d51ba18
21 points

Just a freshly bathed doggo

Preview 43e2e167 3b7a 40c9 a338 9e5509089da6
16 points

This wasn't planned

Preview 0983cd4f 7de2 47e1 b5d7 dc22acb08c19
15 points

I'm not like him ..

Preview a4148571 84a4 4dd1 82c8 a1ebd9fb6c05
19 points

So Agent F did it ?

Preview 301cc298 3906 45b8 b4a5 28979911c3cd
13 points

Doog goge.

Preview d1881c66 4fb0 4688 8cfe c4865888c0a0
3 points

When your parents try FaceTime for the first time

Preview d241fc42 a740 44c3 aa1c f6956454d3ad
14 points

My poor Aladin was betrayed today.

Preview 74389e58 1639 42be b5c3 06a711d07e29
92 points

You see the scary common point?

Preview d1d33f3f 3843 4804 bd0f 703000523210
17 points

The moment my dog kicked him in the balls. Sorry for potato quality

Preview de323d3a a5e1 4e23 8a55 127fe890a6e9

Dogs being shamed for their terrible crimes

Preview 04f11451 95f4 49f9 b23a e01a80f5bba4
101 points

True! ✅

Preview 10aaf36a 39d9 4bfd 87eb d3e5de84071a
3 points

"You could at least waited for me to go for a walk, Molly"

Preview 916f225c 9384 4a1c afc8 f9009aaabc1d
18 points

A wild T R U N K B O Y E has been spotted!

Preview ea3b7b55 8af6 456f 8436 3891af0e99f0

When your parents try out Skype for the first time

Preview 969817e2 d139 4e41 bcc0 227fb528c5e0
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