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Hungry all the time

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90 points

I should have called shotgun.

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My dog plotting my murder because she can’t have 50 treats a day instead of her food.

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I knew it was cool

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82 points

Hello barkness my old fren

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66 points


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81 points

Master gave Dobby a sock

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64 points

Searched for "ate mile", wasn't disappointed.

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73 points

My cat was sleeping in the dog's spot, so he passive-aggressively sat on her.

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When you leave your dog at grandma's house

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In the middle of zooming.

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I saw the chew toy earlier and I raise you all this.

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70 points

How my dog looks at me. I think he's plotting something fierce...

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The love of your life wil appear in front of you unexpectedly

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72 points

Look how proud she is off her destruction

Preview 92e5a675 7f55 46e4 8ade d2d49ccef113

Fancy doge

Preview 47afcdd0 a521 46be 9d4a 2eb1600a9b81
77 points

Drunk doggo

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98 points

Mom has never shown a speck of interest in Reddit until I casually mentioned r/babushkadogs. She couldn’t take off her scarf fast enough.

Preview a30224c0 3710 4d26 9dca b3009ab14476
74 points

Mickey? MICKEY?! NOOOOOO....

Preview 67911c7c 8975 41e4 86ad 243efc4a37dc

I'll have what they're having.

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