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What was supposed to be a cute photo of Luna and Mia meeting for the first time, turned into this.

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Don’t even ask !!!

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he doesn’t look so excited that he got the ball..lol

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Its hard dude LOL

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Everybody, stay away from my car...

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Women confuse me. My girlfriend sent me out for groceries, and like any rational person, I thought that meant go get hats for the dogs. Turns out she was hungry.

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Have you ever been so excited ?

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I was just trying to cool off the potato when suddenly out of nowhere...

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She refuses to sit on a bare floor.

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"Thanks for making me this bed of graded tests...."

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This cheeky doggo with no regrets after peeing on his mom in the subway

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Game, Set, Match.

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70 points

It's all about communication

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84 points

Copper, the destroyer of everything

Preview 52f2529c 34b4 444f 8866 e87f9c8a74e1

Drove right past the park and he instantly knew he was going to the Vet.

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My heart skips when they play like this. It looks worse than it is, she just lays there.

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Zeus Always seems to have his junk on Darwin's head on car rides.

Preview 02bcfafe 4650 4811 a04d 5e5c476c0593

Woke up this morning to this and I have to say, my wife looks a lot different without make up.

Preview eafd095d 4e2c 4045 ae87 fbc40564df78
81 points

Copper the Destroyer

Preview 87c0ce55 5291 4818 8b3f c53867d54503

Little dog wouldn't move over

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