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The entrance to hell is less intimidating than I expected

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175 points

Only car guys will understand

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181 points

Caption this

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169 points

Wet Dog - A New Fragrance For Women Who Love Men Who Love Dogs (NSFW)

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418 points

You mean... unduckover

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183 points

I saw this, and couldn't resist

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This Lamborghini Blowing Girls Clothes Off Prank Has An Unexpected Ending (NSFW)

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422 points

Disney's "Moana" Pug Edition Will Make You Laugh

176 points

Meanwhile, at today's meeting on feline healthcare...

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154 points

Dog Refuses To Move Until Street Performer Finishes His Song Is Sweet

98 points

My hunting dog is on high alert

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98 points

Couple And Baby In Happy....

Preview 5343761f 73d8 471d 807a 50ee7be520f9
106 points

Picked out our guy today

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100 points

Just found them..their mom was dead. I already found a family for the white one. Help me find a name for the brown lady

Preview c11d33e4 1f2f 49db 8401 031a6769a1f8
93 points

Do you see an eagle?

Preview e023e6bc f514 4063 88da 452ae0aa4570
66 points

Good lord my heart

Preview ed6ce7d2 febd 4923 9eea cef871661456
77 points

Our Aussie Sheppard pups.

Preview 528ddc87 b34c 4ff4 8f33 9a8ecb8a6389
109 points

Pc vs console

Preview 56cdefc1 aad3 4cac 9f99 544e0f147a25
116 points

TBH Shapeshifter seems like the best one

Preview 231bc17e baf7 4f0a 8d9b d34ea33b6928
127 points

Happy AF

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