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My 15 year old dog passed away today

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Service pupper --> service doggo

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50 points

G U A R D B O Y E will only let you in if you have schmackos

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19 points

My wife and I adopted this coonhound mix last week. She's 9 weeks today.

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17 points

Pls mr hand ur doin me a concern

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15 points

Silly Rott babies doin a heckin cute

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19 points

His "I want a belly rub" face

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12 points

Snoopy says Hi to all the wizards!

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16 points

Got to love the city

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22 points

Remember to store your dog below 25°C .

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12 points

Carnivorous Puppies

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13 points

If this isn't already an album cover, it needs to be

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18 points

Of course.

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20 points

When your aunts dog looks like the solar eclipse

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20 points

Hey buddy, nice hat.

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19 points

Halp me human

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12 points

This poorly conceived humane society ad.

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15 points

He must always be in contact with his ball inside the house.

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14 points

Shouted Dad to bring my phone charger downstairs.. He told me to "call the dog"

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18 points

The dog was funny before it even said anything

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