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Dupe poppy

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12 points

We all missed you Boss

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91 points

My friend’s dog is a deep sleeper and we had a leftover corn cob...

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105 points

Thug pug was a bad boy

Preview b9fa7c16 e3af 4397 8aaf f9080a2e374d

My roommate's puppy posing for a picture on my dog.

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She tore up the toilet paper. Does this count?

Preview 3934bfe5 a57a 4e66 8874 6cf55a2051bb

He just won't stop

Preview e024ff98 2221 4bd7 a4a6 9f33dfbe90fd

Cat or bed ?

Preview cdd19c97 94d2 4f87 94a8 848553d7d473

His favorite position? Ass on face.

Preview 311b7dca 3eaf 44c6 8016 754e9ba93ff6

Feeling like a car owner

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81 points

My cousins dog had a cone for a while...he sent me this

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194 points

Pick on someone your own size!

Preview e2d144e0 ed4e 420c a0a2 89e3ad2ec81f

This is Poppy. She’s doing her best.13/10 hopes you’re proud of her

Preview 027dfe93 886b 4f53 a769 3a9d71e52a69
100 points

Hold still so I can eat your face

Preview 6b417b45 75a1 47ed 81ad 2bce75084e8a

Comfy seat

Preview 7f10e53e 24ed 4a0c 9594 de6b4009e2ea

Meet my boy Dez who had to check what was hiding in a cave by the road. Apparently pain is not in his vocabulary.

Preview d7e73dd1 9649 49e6 922e 5419aba1a321
120 points

Is it you?

Preview 0222d3f1 4c1b 4e2b a742 548e08c15fc2
49 points

Let Me Eat

Preview dd10cd83 f9e9 4555 afd3 2c8c05597771
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