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I threw a tennis ball, he brought back a crab apple. Close enough, I guess.

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The little dog wanted a belly rub, but the bigger one wanted something to lay her head on.

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Poor dog loses her head from vicious boxer......

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Rambo before and after calling him a good boy.

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Dissatisfied with simply demanding the most expensive food, Buddy decided to cut out the middleman and just eat my money directly.

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The Peanut Butter Crusher

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The things I've seen

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How about that?

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Cats training to dominate the world! GET F*CK OFF HUMANS!


Never invited back😔

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Less than 4 hours after this bath, she rolled in a dead bird. With such gusto, too

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Imagine the birds thoughts when he took a peek out of his house.

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The chair is a little extra lumpy today..

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Happy Nightmare Day

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Dupe poppy

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We all missed you Boss

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My friend’s dog is a deep sleeper and we had a leftover corn cob...

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Thug pug was a bad boy

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My roommate's puppy posing for a picture on my dog.

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